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Make an Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume

Published October 05, 2015        by Nicole

Oreo cookies are a classic American treat; these chocolate sandwich cookies are a favorite of kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a creative Halloween costume idea for your child, what could be better than combining our favorite snack and our favorite holiday? It is easy to make an Oreo halloween cookie costume for your child, and you don’t need a lot of time, money, or artsy crafty skills. By following these directions, you’ll have a costume that will look so cute you’ll want to eat it right up.  You can get even more ideas like the one shown in the photo at

It will take you about two hours to make an Oreo cookie costume, and it requires no sewing at all. You can size it just as easily for a toddler as you can for a teenager, and you need only basic supplies. Assemble the following:

  • Two large pieces of cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Letter stencils (O, R, and E)

  • Two white shoelaces

  • White turtleneck and white pants

  • Black spray paint and white spray paint

Your biggest expense will be the spray paint, which typically costs under $5 per can. You can also use craft paint, which will take a little more time but will work equally well.

You are going to cut the cardboard into two circles. Before you do, get your child to stand in front of you for a few minutes. You want to make sure the circles are the correct size. You can use a round serving platter, small hula hoop, large mixing bowl, trash can, plant pot, or other circular object to make sure your circle is, in fact, circle!

Lay the cut circles on some newspaper and paint one side of each black. Let this dry thoroughly. When it is entirely dry, arrange the stencils to spell OREO and spray paint white. You can also trace around the stencils in pencil and then paint them with craft paint and a brush. Let the lettering dry as well.

Another variation is to use stencils and white markers. You'll end up with this:

Oreo cookie costume 250x200 Make an Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume

When the two cardboard pieces are ready, poke two holes at the top near each shoulder. Make them just big enough for the shoelace to fit through. Tie the laces to create a sandwich board, and voila! You are ready for Halloween as soon as you put on white clothing and your cookie costume. This has to be one of the easiest, least expensive costume ideas and is great for last-minute parties.

A cute variation that won’t take much time is to cut out a chunk of the “cookie” so it looks like someone has taken a bite. Make sure that both sides match up. This is an especially great idea for little children. Don't forget about your treat bag. Cut the top off of a gallon jug of milk but leave the handle in tact. It's a perfect way to carry around all that halloween candy because it's sturdy and won't split open the heavier it gets.

An Oreo’s best friend is milk, and you can incorporate that into the costume as well. You could simply smudge on a milk mustache using white face paint or Halloween makeup or make a little sign for your child that says, “Got milk?” If you have a little more time and a little more cardboard and want to make another costume for one of your other children, a friend, or yourself, you can make a milk costume. You do not need to sew or possess any great crafting skills.

Halloween is all about treats; what a great time to dress up as one of your favorites!

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