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Make Your Own Christmas Gift Baskets

Published November 30, 2015        by Matt

Make Your Own Christmas Gift Baskets

Making Your Own Gift Baskets

Everyone loves to get Christmas gift baskets. Christmas is the perfect time to tailor a basket especially for someone you love. You can make it much more creatively than any store-bought version because you know what your recipient likes best.

Because you're making it yourself, you can be creative and really think about what your recipient loves. Each category that follows features a nice set of ideas for the people in your life this holiday season.

Get creative and really personalize the gift to your recipient, they will love your thoughtfulness!


DM 810152 4999 Make Your Own Christmas Gift Baskets

For The Shut-In Aunt or Grandparent


You can do up a food basket. If you have an elderly aunt or friend who can't get out much to go shopping, fill up a basket with shelf-stable items that she can keep in her pantry. That way she won't have to run out as much to shop.

Image by uberculture on Flickr

Fill it with canned goods, pastas, tomato sauces, rice, beans, cookies, and other treats. Package it all in lovely gourmet food gift baskets with a big bow. You might tuck in a coupon for a free ride to the grocery store any time she needs it.


Recipes for In-a-Jar Desserts

  • Brownie Mix in a Jar Gift Recipe
    Learn how to make those famous gifts that everyone wants this year. Put your 'brownie mix in a jar' into their gift basket this year for an added treat! They'll love it, and it's like giving them a whole pan of dessert.
  • How to Make a Cookie Mix in a Jar Gift
    Ever seen cookie mix in a jar presented as a gift and wondered how to do it yourself? It's not hard at all and you can do it as an assembly line and make several cookie gifts at once. The kids can get involved too. It's a great choice for a craft for...


Flix Movie Night Gift BoxFor The Movie Lover

Play it Up

Another fun gift baskets are the movie gift baskets. Include popcorn, bowls, soda, movie candies, and, of course, DVDs.

You can also include a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription which the recipient can use to get movies of their choice delivered to their home. Or pop in a few DVDs of new releases you know they'd like or know they haven't seen yet.

You can also include a gift certificate to a local movie theater so they can hit the town on movie night. They'll love this!


For The Kids

Toys Galore

Baby Einstein Gift Basket

Baby baskets are a major crowd pleaser. Fill a bucket or basket with toys with a particular theme. Maybe it's all board games or classic games. Maybe it's all Nintendo DS or Wii games and controllers.

Keep the theme specific to the recipient's likes. A little girl would love a doll-themed basket with all the accessories designed to fit her doll.

Older kids will love a basket filled with gift certificates to stores they love. Then they can pick out their own toys and you don't risk buying the uncoolest toy ever.


For the Host/Hostess

Pamper Gift Basket

Say a Special Thanks

For the hostess who has you over for the holidays, you can create a themed basket based on her likes and various hobbies.

Does she love to do her nails? Get her a manicure gift certificate and a pretty new nail polish along with some nail tools. Does she love to garden? Pack a basket with all the essentials.

For the husband, you can create a basket with a gift card to a restaurant he likes or include tickets to a game or sporting event. As long as the gift matches the recipient's tastes, you really can't go wrong.


How to Make a Gift Basket - Video

For Your Guests

Holiday Favors

If you have guests flying in to visit you for the holidays, try not to make a huge gift basket as their gift. How will they get it home? It will be more of a hassle than anything.

Instead, make a basket collection that folds (such as a soft fabric basket or tote) and fill it with things that are easy to pack like gift cards or DVDs. If you want to go above that, add in gifts that they can use before they go back home, like snacks or passes to something local.

Avoid liquids like bath oils which can burst and ruin things in their luggage or might not make it onto the plane because of regulations and such.


Spa Gift Basket

For Your Wife

Make it Special

If you are a husband wanting to make a special gift basket for your wife, leave all the typical, practical items out. Don't fill it with items she could use to clean the bathroom or time-saving gadgets for doing laundry quicker. Go for the impractical.

Fill it with wine and wine glasses, candies, chocolates and goodies. A charm bracelet can be draped around the bottle's neck for an elegant surprise that she'll love.

You'll be the holiday hero if you show up with a basket that took you time to make and which contains items of luxury and relaxation.


For the Active

Gifts for the agile

Make Your Own Christmas Gift Baskets

If you want to give a gift to someone who lives a very active lifestyle, you can create a basket filled with fun activities for them. The best bet for anyone is going with a yoga theme. Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and relax your mind.

Image by lululemon athletica

For a gift basket around this theme, consider adding a yoga mat, DVD, water bottle, yoga block, resistance band, and maybe some organic snacks. You can't go wrong!


A Christmas-Themed Gift

For someone less familiar

If you have to create a gift basket for someone that you don't really know all that well, then you probably don't have a general theme idea for them. Instead, you can just go with a typical Christmas-themed gift basket to make it easy on yourself.

Things that you might include in this type of gift basket include Christmas cookies, Christmas cookie cutters, festive kitchen towels, classic Christmas movies (such as A Christmas Story, Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, The Grinch, Santa Paws, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

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