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Make your own Bubble Blowing Solution

Published July 23, 2010        by Rae Ann

bubble solution Make your own Bubble Blowing SolutionWhat is more fun on a warm summer day than blowing gigantic rainbow bubbles into the breeze?

If your kids are like mine, the bubble solution runs out quick!

Did you know you can mix up your own batch of bubble solution that is just as good if not better than any you can buy at the store?

Below is a recipe that will fill your yard with those amazing bubbles!


  • 6 Parts Water
  • 2 Parts Joy Dish Washing Detergent (Must be the Joy brand).
  • 3/4 Part Corn Syrup


Mix the ingredients above in an ice cream bucket with a lid for storage.  Fill empty bubble bottles or pour in a shallow pan and use a variety of items to make bubbles (bend pipe cleaners, cookie cutters, etc.)

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