Moon & Stars Little Lamb Baby Shower

moon and stars little lamb baby shower
moon and stars little lamb baby shower

Little Lamb Moon & Stars Shower Theme

This gender-neutral theme is an excellent choice when Mom doesn't know if she is expecting a boy or a girl. And even when she does know, this is one adorable theme that can be incorporated into all aspects of the baby shower including the food, baby shower gifts, party favors and of course, the invitations. One of the keys to creating a cohesive feel at the shower is to incorporate blue, yellow and a bit of mint green into the color scheme.

If you've been to a moon and stars baby shower, be sure to share your favorite part of the shower in the comments section below!

Moon & Star Invitation

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For shower invitations, you have several options including making your own, buying fully customized invites like the ones shown in the photo to the right, or buying fill-in moon and star baby shower invitations. The fully customized invites will arrive at your door ready to be addressed and sent directly to the shower guests. They include all of the details pre-printed on the theme of your choice. Fill-in invitations work just like they sound... you must hand-write the shower details on the inside of each card prior to placing them in envelopes and mailing them to the recipients. The one thing to keep in mind is that the more work you do yourself, the cheaper the invites will be (in most cases anyway).

A fun idea for a moon and stars theme shower is to put a note in the invitations asking guests to bring bedtime or lullaby themed gifts. Things like sleep outfits and lullaby books are great baby gift ideas. Creative guests may even wrap their presents in some moon and star wrapping paper. I just gave a gift to a family friend that was wrapped in Snoopy sitting on a moon sleeping paper.

If your guests are a fun group, you could even make the shower a pajama party asking all of the guests to wear their favorite pair of PJs to the baby shower. If you are crafty consider making your own invitations by using navy blue cardstock that is decorated with a moon made from glitter and some star stickers or golf foil stars.

You can also create your very own star-themed invitations by downloading A Star is Born printable template from The Perfect Baby Shower website. They have both a pink and blue version of this template with detailed instructions on how to create your one-of-a-kind invitations. You simply fill in all of your shower details and print out the invitations. Just do a search at bing or google and I'm sure that many other templates are available... it is just a matter of looking for them.

For fully customized invitations, we also have a wide selection for just about any theme or color scheme.

Moon & Star Tableware - Decorations

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Create a starry night effect for guests to enjoy when they arrive at the party by hanging small stars and a large moon on the ceiling. If you want to save a bit of money, make your own moon and stars out of cardboard and spray paint them with yellow and blue paint. Colored cardstock would work as well. Add some glitter to make them sparkle. You can also add some clear Christmas lights to add a bit more sparkle to the event. I've even seen star-shaped string lights at several party supply shops and Target. The lights work great especially if you have your party in the evening.

If your shower does happen to be in the evening, use some luminaries with star cut-outs along the pathway leading up to the house.

Carry the green, white and yellow color scheme throughout the party decor by using green, white and yellow shower balloons and streamers. I've seen several companies that sell gold mylar star-shaped balloons and a moon-shaped mylar baby shower balloon that would work perfectly for this type of event.

You can find the themed baby shower tableware like the one shown in the photograph and All About Gifts & Baskets. We also sell the matching invitations, thank you cards and party favors for a fully coordinated shower.

And for the centerpiece, be sure to have either an edible or large moon & stars diaper cake. Another idea for a celestial centerpiece is to use a big glass bowl and float star-shaped candles in it. You can make the water blue by adding a few drops of food coloring.

Moon & Star Party Food Ideas

moon stars little lamb baby shower 5 260x191 Moon & Stars Little Lamb Baby Shower

Star-shaped cookie cutters are readily available and can be used to create star-shaped iced cookies, star-shaped finger sandwiches or cheese slices, and even star jello jigglers in a blue color. You can cut biscuits or scones in star shapes and serve them with a blueberry jam.

The moon shape of croissants and crescent rolls make them the obvious choice for the 'bread' on any sandwiches that you serve at the party. Ham and cheese croissants are always an excellent choice.

Serve all of your food on star-shaped platters that you may already own or you can find them at local party supply shops. Don't forget to buy some moon and star confetti to sprinkle around on the buffet table as well.

And don't forget to serve some star-fruit which actually has a star shape when cut -- it may not be available where you live, but if it is, it can be a fun addition to your fruit tray.

For the punch, go with your favorite recipe that results in either a golden yellow or a light blue color. In either case, buy some star shaped re-usable ice cubes from your local party supply shop to float in the punch bowl. Moon and star-themed edible cakes like the ones shown below are a must have for any baby shower with this fun theme.

Moon & Stars Cake Ideas

moon stars little lamb baby shower 6 520x238 Moon & Stars Little Lamb Baby Shower
Photo Credits: The Cook Duke & Tio Fiesta Cakes & Cupcakes

A cake like any of the beauties shown in these photos is a must at a moon and star or celestial themed baby shower. Notice how most of the cakes feature fondant and gum paste decorations.

Moon & Star Baby Shower Game Ideas

moon stars little lamb baby shower 7 260x260 Moon & Stars Little Lamb Baby Shower

I found some really fun ideas for moon and star themed baby shower games at Amazing Baby Shower

Lullaby Charades - Played just like regular charades. Either break your guests into teams or make this an individual activity. Prior to the baby shower, write down some lullabies on note cards. When it is a players turn, she must act out the lullaby on the card with no talking. The first person/team to guess the name of the lullaby gets a point. Make this game even more fun by having the person that guests the title correctly sing the lullaby (start to finish) for another point.

Star Babies Game - Print up game sheets that you make on your computer with the name of a star (or couple). Have guests write down their child(rens) name(s). For example, Katie and Tom have Baby Suri. Gwyneth Paltrow has Apple, etc. The guest that gets the most correct wins the game

Star & Moon Cookie Contest - I saw this fun and clever idea at You essentially bake a bunch of cookies that are decorated to look like stars and moons. You string a clothesline or piece of fishing line across the party room. Hang the decorated cookies from the line. Have the guests put their hands behind their backs and the first guest that eats their entire cookie without having it fall to the floor, wins the game.

Star & Moon Printable Games - The shower games shown in the photo above include Baby Busters, Famous Families, Oh Baby!, What's Mommy Wearing? and Who's Your Mommy all printed on moon and star themed paper. They are available from Baby Shower Stuff.

Name The Constellations Game - There are 88 named constellations on the modern list so see how many your guests can name in 10 minutes. The guest that names the most constellations wins the game. You can get the full list of constellations at Wikipedia.

Fun Moon & Star Baby Shower Favors

moon stars little lamb baby shower 8 520x167 Moon & Stars Little Lamb Baby Shower

Create your own night time themed favor by purchasing 'Sleepytime Tea' from Celestial Seasonings. You can purchase baby shower favor tags or stickers that are personalized with the mommy-to-be's name and shower date to make them extra special for your guests.

Other fun do-it-yourself favor ideas include star-shaped cookies, moon or star shaped bath beads, or simply blue/yellow jelly belly jelly beans in a cellophane bag that is tied with a matching ribbon.

If you are running short on time or you want elegant and professional looking baby shower favors, consider purchasing them online. As shown in the photo above, there are many celestial themed favor choices such as personalized candy bar wrappers, moon-shaped soap and bookmark favors, and personalized mint tins.

We have an entire line of fully-coordinated moon and star themed items from the tableware right down to the party favors so be sure to check them out.

Star & Moon Themed Gift Ideas

moon stars little lamb baby shower 9 520x167 Moon & Stars Little Lamb Baby Shower

Depending on the gift instructions included with the shower invitations, your decision regarding a baby shower gift may need to be modified slightly. If the hostess decides to go with a bedtime or lullaby theme, then things like moon and star sleepwear, lullaby CDs, and moon/star mobiles are an excellent choice.

New baby gift baskets are another dependable gift option and you can find many that include outfits with either a moon or star theme (through the use of appliques). Another cute idea are personalized room signs. However these tend to be more appropriate as congratulations on the new arrival gifts because then you can include the child's name and birth date on the frame or personalized baby gift.

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