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Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts in Every State

Published January 26, 2017        by Matt

What Men Buy Women

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we're already seeing lots of questions come in about what's the most popular Valentine's Day Gifts.  We sell a LOT of gifts for Valentine's Day, stuff we can't believe guys send their girlfriends and wives, but hey, whatever floats your boat!  This year, we decided to look back at what everyone was sending in each state, and even sent out a survey to thousands of our customers to ask them what they sent.

And there's a lot to be surprised about.  Chocolate surprised us as being a top gift in more states than we expected, especially in the Northeast.  Lingerie?  Is there a reason why it's the top gift in states with mostly Hot Weather?  Or are they sending a different signal?  Spa related gifts eeked out a #1 win, not by much, in Virgina and North Dakota. And Teddy Bears: Who knew so many guys had a soft spot in the middle of the country.

Finally, we were surprised at the clear difference between states that prefer Roses versus general flowers.  Usually those two gifts ran a close 1st-2nd place followed by everything else, but in New Jersey, a full 65% of guys sent roses, the next highest item was chocolates which came in at 30%, the highest gap between 1st and 2nd place for any state in America. You sure love your chocolate New Jersey!  Find your state and see if you're sending what everyone else is sending!

Top Gift send by Men to Women, by state.

Alabama - Roses
Alaska - Teddy Bears
Arizona -Flowers
Arkansas - Roses
California - Roses & Chocolates are a tie for First
Colorado - Chocolates
Connecticut - Chocolates
Delaware - Roses
Florida - Lingerie
Georgia - Roses
Hawaii - Chocolates
Idaho - Roses
Illinois - Flowers
Indiana - Flowers
Iowa - Teddy Bears
Kansas -Spa Experience
Kentucky - Chocolates
Louisiana - Roses
Maine - Chocolates
Maryland - Roses
Massachusetts - Roses
Michigan - Roses
Minnesota - Flowers
Mississippi - Roses
Missouri - Roses
Montana - Flowers
Nebraska - Spa Experience
Nevada - Roses
New Hampshire - Chocolates
New Jersey - Roses (by a LOT)
New Mexico - Teddy Bears
New York - Chocolates
North Carolina -Chocolates
North Dakota - Flowers
Ohio - Flowers
Oklahoma - Roses
Oregon - Jewelry
Pennsylvania - Teddy Bears
Rhode Island - Flowers
South Carolina - Chocolates
South Dakota - Flowers
Tennessee - Chocolates
Texas - Lingerie
Utah - Roses
Vermont - Chocolates
Virginia - Spa Experience
Washington - Chocolates
West Virginia - Flowers
Wisconsin - Flowers
Wyoming - Teddy Bears

Methodology: Sales data from All About Gifts & Baskets, augmented by 500 person survey in each state, post Valentine's Day.  Margin of error +/- 4%

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