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Mother's Day Fun Facts

Published May 25, 2007        by Nicole

According to Hallmark research, Mother's Day is the 3rd largest holiday for greeting cards sales (behind Christmas and Valentine's Day). It is estimated that more than 150 million greeting cards will be sent to Moms wishing them a "Happy Mother's Day" this year which means that greeting card companies will sell over 250 million dollars worth of cards for Mother's Day alone. Flowers seem to be one of the most popular Mother's Day gifts. Chances are that if you give Mom flowers this year, they'll either be from California (leading domestic supplier) or Columbia (leading international supplier).

According to the US Census Bureau, there are an estimated 82.5 million Mothers in the United States. The average Mother has 2 children and on average has her first child around age 25. One interesting tidbit on this front is that Mothers in Alaska and Utah average 3 children in their lifetimes. These days only 10% of women give birth to 4 or more children. Interestingly, birth rates for developed countries around the world range from just 1.25 children per woman in Italy all the way up to 7 births per woman in the country of Yemen.

In the U.S., the chances Mom will give birth to twins is 1 in 32 while the odds that she'll have multiples of 3 or more babies is only 1 in 540.

In America, the month with the most births is August followed closely by July.

Nearly 10 million Moms are single Mothers raising children under 18 on their own. There were nearly 5.4 million stay at home Moms in 2003 while 55% of Mothers held down a job as well.