Newborn Gift Guide: Mother's Day Gift for New Grandma

gift for grandma

Mother's Day is not just for moms, but it is a day to celebrate grandmothers too. This day can be especially important for a new grandmother.

With so many gift possibilities, it can be difficult to know what to get a grandmother on her first Mother's Day. Thankfully, grandmothers are easy to please and simply want time with their precious grandchild.

But, going a little extra mile to make them feel special is important. There is not anything a grandma would not do for their grandbaby, so remind her she is loved this Mother's day by getting her the perfect gift.

Here are some of our favorite Mother's Day gifts for a new grandma:

1. Homemade Gift

mother's day gift for grandma
All mother's love gifts made by their precious little ones. For a grandmother's first Mother's Day, their grandchild is too young to actually make a gift. But, do not think that homemade gifts are totally out of the question.There are still some gifts you can make that will have that special meaning. Grandma's love gifts that will preserve their grandbaby's tiny hand print and foot print. You could either use paint to make a heart with their little feet. Or, you could make a salt dough mold, so grandma can hold on to those sweet little hands forever.

2. Photo Gifts

gift for grandma
Many online websites have, what feels like, virtually endless photo gift ideas. If grandma loves coffee or tea, you can put your little ones picture on a mug for them. Bonus points for adding "best grandma" on the mug!

3. Photo Calendars

gifts for grandmas
You can also make a calendar with pictures of their grandchild for something that they can enjoy all year long. Or, you can even get their picture printed on a Mother's Day card for them to make the card even more special.

4. PhotoBooks

photo calendar for grandma
Grandmas love showing their grandchildren off to their friends. So, you could make a photo book with photos of their little one to bring along with them to coffee dates or church. Photo gifts really the perfect Mother's Day gifts for a new grandma.

5. Books about Grandma

books to give a grandma
Grandmas love to read to their grandchildren. There is something so special about rocking a little one for hours while reading book after book.Books can be a great mother's day gift for new grandma, especially if the book is about grandmothers and grandchildren. She will love reading those books over and over to show her grandchild how important they are to her.

6. Memory Books

gift from a grandma

Grandmas have so many memories to share. They have a lifetime of experiences that can be very special to younger generations. Give grandma a memory book that helps her write down all the memories of her lifetime for her grandchild.

She will enjoy the process of writing down all of these great memories. It will not only be special for her to share these with her grandchild, but it will be something that her grandchild can treasure forever.

7. Birthstone Jewelry

 jewelry gift for grandma

Grandmothers love to have little keepsakes that remind them of their grandchildren. Give her a necklace or bracelet with her grandchild's birthstone so that she can feel like she has a little piece of them everywhere she goes. These are a great mother's day gift for a new grandma.

8. Framed Photos

mother's day photo gift for grandma
Being away from her grandchildren can feel like torture! Grandma's love to be with their grandbabies as much as possible. But, for those times that she just can not be with them, she will definitely appreciate having photos around so she can look at their bright and smiley faces. Give her framed photos to put all around her house so she can feel close to them always.

9. Experiences

grandma zoo
There is nothing for a grandmother than to spend time with their grandchildren. For her first Mother's Day, get her a gift of an experience.You could purchase music classes for her to take her grandchild to. Or, she may love a grandparent membership to the zoo so she can walk the paths with her grandchild on a sunny day. Choose an activity that she enjoys and chances are she will love to bring her grandchild along!

10. Flowers or Gardening Baskets

gardening gift basket for grandma
If grandma loves to garden, consider getting her some flowers that she can plant. If you give her a perennial, she will be reminded of her grandchild year after year. She can watch the plant grow just as her grandchild grown.

11. A tree to plant

A flowering tree can be great for this because it will really remind her of how quickly her grandbaby is growing. Each year as she sees the tree she will remember the days when both the tree and her grandchild were so little and new.

12. "Grandma" labeled items

gifts for a grandma
Every grandma loves to brag about their grandchildren. Make it simple by buying her items that say "Grandma" on them. You could get mugs, shirts, necklaces, the options are virtually endless.

13. A rocking chair

mother's day gift for grandma
If she does not already have one, than she needs a rocking chair! Grandmas love to rock their grandbabies to sleep. There really is not anything more special than Grandma snuggles. This is a great mother's day gift for new grandma.


14. Baby items for her home

baby gift for grandchildren
Most grandmas love to have things for their grandchildren to come visit. You could get her a high chair or pack-n-play the baby to use during sleepovers. Even diapers, and clothes are great things to have at grandma's house! She will love having special items for her grandchildren.

15. Time with their Grandbaby

baby in a ball room
Grandmas are not difficult to please. While all of these gifts will be appreciated, what she really wants is time with her grandchild. If you are low on cash, or even if you are not, just make sure you give her time with her grandchild on her first Mother's Day. Simply holding her little one all day long will be the best gift you could give her.

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