My Best Christmas

The best Christmas I ever spent started like this: When I emptied my stocking, I had breakfast and began to think what I should do for the day. First of all we thought we would go and skate (for it was a lovely day, crisp and sunshiny) but when we got down to the lake it was lumpy so we could not skate. We came in after a good game of snowball and we had dinner. We had duck and turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, turnips, mince pie and plum pudding, followed by candies, oranges and nuts, etc.

Then we thought we would spend the afternoon by going to visit a poor family where the mother was ill. We packed a basket with all kinds of food and we put some candies and toys and some fire-crackers in it for the little boys and girls; all of them were small. About one o'clock when everything was packed, dinner over, we put on our hats and coats and the team stood there in the double-seated sleigh and away we went taking with us our skates and the dogs running behind. I thought we might have some skating if the ice was good down there for it was a five mile drive and we thought they might not have had the same kind of a wind to make the ice lumpy, nor had any snow to freeze into it.

It was a beautiful drive and we were not a bit cold with robes to cover us and the bottom all covered with straw to keep our feet warm. We got there about half past two. When we went into the house there was a big fire but they had nothing to eat but a loaf of bread, because none of them were able to go to town and nobody passed that way. They brought the basket in and mother unpacked it. The mother was in a very poor condition and she had not had any food since morning. Mother gave her some of everything we had brought and we had a dandy time till supper playing games.

Before supper one of the boys went out to see the ice and said it was almost as clear as glass. After supper they hunted out their old skates and found enough for three and that was all that could go. There were six of us and three of them, so we made quite a crowd.

We went down there, and it was beautiful. We skated for about an hour in the moonlight and then went back to the house and on the way we sang a Christmas carol. We went to the house and warmed ourselves and then the boys got the team in the sleigh and we drove home and we never spent a jollier Christmas.

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