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My Dear Child

Published December 06, 2007        by Matt

My Dear Child,

Would you like to hear the story How we spent last Xmas Day?

I would not think to tell you but you are so far away.

We'd service in the morning In the church that's up the lane.

It was filled to overflowing and With Indians in the main.

There were Crow Child and Jim Big Plume with their wives and children too, Eagle Rib and Old Grasshopper, In all a motley crew.

They all stood at the entrance Of the church you know so well, Mother, Miss McNutt & Sydney (Whose leg is not quite well.)

The parson in his surplice With his scarf & hood complete, Also stood close to the entrance of the church just up the street.

Wm. Stocken with a Kodak said All ready!

There, that's good, And he snapped the little shutter and photographed us as we stood.

Then we all went into service And we sang the Christmas Hymns and we thanked God for the Savior Who was born in Bethlehem.

Mother made for us the Music Using both her hands and feet, and we all joined in the singing "Peace on Earth", as it was meet.

When we got back to the Mission We all prepared for lunch Cold turkey & plum pudding And all good things at this lunch.

We next put in the horses, The sleigh that holds just 4 and when all were neatly seated we drove off from the door.

We started for the Hogbins Through the snow, some places deep.

We got on very nicely, till We reached the hill that's steep.

Then we had a small diversion For a bolt dropped from the sleigh, unless we had then seen it I'd p'raps not be writing you this day.

Uncle Jim & Reg looked for it till their legs began to tire then we had to do without it and tie up the sleigh with wire.

We got safely to the Hogbins and the night was very fine, we found them waiting for us for 'twas just time to dine.

We were just a merry party But we wanted one face more.

Can you guess whom I allude to? Well, the glass will tell you, sure.

There were just 14 for dinner The staff came in from the school we had all the usual good things and the "kids" ate to the full.

Then we placed chairs down the middle of the room & marched around To the tune of Hogbin's music And some sat upon the ground.

The chairs were not sufficient to accommodate us all And now I've told the reason why some of us got a "fall."

Well now I've told you truly how we spent last Xmas Day So I had better stop here and Write more another day.