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National Pink Day is June 23rd

Published June 17, 2015        by Matt

National Pink Day is June 23rd

Add a Little Pink to Your Life

National Pink Day is June 23rd

If ever there were a wacky holiday that I would adore writing about, it's gotta be National Pink Day! It just so happens that this day falls on June 23rd this year, and every other year.

But where exactly did this holiday come from, what are we supposed to celebrate on this day, and how should we be celebrating it? Well I have the answers if you have the time!

Origination of National Pink Day

And what is it?

So where did National Pink day come from? Well the true history is yet to be discovered. But some people choose to celebrate it as a breast cancer awareness day, and that seems logical to me! Others say that despite the lack of documented origin, let's celebrate anyways! And I agree.

How to Celebrate!

National Pink Day

Now that we've covered some historical details, let's get on the fun part - celebration! How do we celebrate National Pink Day? Trust me, it's very easy. Let's cover some of your celebration options:

Throw on some pink clothing in the morning. Pink shoes? Do it! Pink purse? Yes please! But clothing is just one of the many ways to celebrate. There are plenty of other ways to take part in this glorious day! Just keep on reading to hear about more fun ideas.

National Pink Day

Make Pink Treats

National Pink Day is June 23rd

Desserts are Pink's Best Friend

Pink, pink and more pink. It should be the epitome of your day. So why not give someone a pink edible gift? We all love treats, right? At least I sure do!

So why not give something like pink cookie favors, a pink cake, or maybe some strawberry pie?! What better way to celebrate this grand day than with dessert gifts!

Breast Cancer Awareness

The Pink Ribbon

Like I had said earlier, some take the opportunity of Pink Day to recognize breast cancer and inform others of the disease. Others use the pink ribbon idea to celebrate those who have had breast cancer and survived. Either way that you choose to spin it, there is plenty of room for a great cause on a great day. Dish out little pink ribbon gifts, and eat pink ribbon snacks. Make it a special day.

Listen to Pink Music

National Pink Day is June 23rd

Yes, I said it!

You might already be jamming to Pink, you know, the singer. But if you're not, then today is the day to start! She's got tons of great songs, and many of them seem to be right in line with what pink (if it were a person) would listen to. Some pop, some rock, and just overall good music.

Image by Getty Images

So if there were ever a day to listen to Pink, it'd be today. Naturally. Some of her best songs (in my opinion) include:

  • Get The Party Started
  • Raise Your Glass
  • So What
  • Glitter In The Air
  • Who Knew

Make a Pink Dinner

National Pink Day is June 23rd

Doesn't it sound yummy?

Now this might be something for you die-hard pink fans, like myself, but it's certainly worth considering! Make your whole dinner out of pink foods. From drink to dessert, there are lots of options!

Image by doreese on

Consider steak (if you like it pink), or pink pasta (food coloring), strawberry smoothies, cupcakes, and maybe a strawberry daiquiri? And don't forget strawberry ice cream, because that'd be a crime.

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