New Baby Thank You Note Ideas

ralph and jenny 300x216 New Baby Thank You Note IdeasIf you’ve just been given a baby shower you’re going to need to write thank you notes to all the guests. It can be fun and doesn’t have to be time consuming. Think about your thank yous as far out in advance as you can. If you know you’re having a shower, plan your thank you notes early and all you have to do is write them out when the time comes.

Jungle Animal Thank You Cards

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Keep the jungle theme going with these graphically pleasing thank you cards, which complement the jungle animal baby shower invitations (item 82410).

Choose a cute shape or animal such as a rubber duck or puppy. If you are having a boy, you can do a little boy shape or for a girl, you can do a little girl with pig tails as your shape. Cut the shape out of wallpaper, colored paper or scrapbooking paper. You can also use fleece material for an animal such as a teddy bear or cat or dog. You’re going to want to make sure your shape will fit into a standard sized envelope. The larger and less detailed the shape, the better. You just want to give the hint of the shape, not include every detail. If you’ve already had the baby by the time you give the thank you notes out, you might include a photo of your baby in a cute decorated frame shape.

Now you have a canvas on which to embellish. Use glitter around the edges, sequins, colored glitter glues or fabric paints to make eyes and other details.

You can either glue this shape onto a piece of card stock and fold it like a card, or you can just put one piece of card stock on the back and leave it flat. You can also glue a magnet to the back so your card can be hung as a refrigerator magnet.

Wording can vary but should always include mention of the baby shower gift and how you will use it. Here is an example of thank you card wording you can use.

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for the Graco high chair. What a generous gift! When our little one sits in it and eats with us at the table, we will think of you and your kindness. I am so glad you could be at our shower. Waiting for the big day now! We’ll let you know when baby arrives.

Love, Barbara & Harry

Deluxe Precious Baby Gift Basket

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Welcome the precious new baby boy or girl with this gorgeous gift basket. Our large handled natural wicker basket (24' long x 16' deep) is overflowing with baby essentials and accessories.

It can often be overwhelming when you think of all you have to do plus writing out a stack of thank you notes, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Just find a wording you like and substitute the gift and the giver’s name each time. You’ll just have to vary it a little and the process will flow along smoothly. Enlist help from your husband or mom or sister to write out addresses or type them on the computer so you can print them onto labels. As long as you personally hand write the message inside, there’s no reason why you can accept help with the addresses.

Get your thank you notes out as soon as possible. Once baby arrives you’ll have little time to sit quietly and write without interruption. And be sure to send a thank you for every single gift even if you thanked the giver in person at your shower or when they gave it to you.

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