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New Parents Time Savers

Published February 28, 2008        by Nicole

Many of the ways you can save time center around good organization. Of course, definite scheduling of your time is impossible now; you can’t be sure exactly when or how often your baby is going to need you. Every plan you make that involves other people or a specific time must be expendable of have an alternative. This way, you can shift gears at a moment’s notice when your baby requires an extra feeding or when some other normal but unanticipated takes place. At the very least, you’ll want to consistently allow more time than you think you’ll need for everything. Experienced parents have found many ways to save themselves time and confusion as they go about the business of life with a new baby. Here are some of their ideas:      

  • Keep shopping lists, lists of chores that must be absolutely done, and lists of thank-you notes to be written for baby presents. By writing everything down, you free yourself of having to remember details at a time when you are most apt to be forgetful and preoccupied.
  • At night, do as much as you can to get ready for the next day. Set the table for breakfast, lay out clothes for yourself and the baby, pick up the newspaper. Any nuisance chores and decisions you can handle ahead of time will make the day start that much better.
  • Cut down on time consuming trips around town by banking by mail and shopping by phone or through catalogs whenever you can. Try to do several errands when you are out, and plan them so you waste the least possible amount of time driving around.
    Practice doing two things at the same time: make out a grocery list or do your stretching exercises while you talk on the phone; fold the laundry as you watch television; or clean the bathroom as the tub fills.
  • Above all, do not rush, "Haste makes waste" is a cliché, but it is as true today as it was when it was first uttered by someone who knew that the faster he or she tried to do something, the more likely it was that there would be an accident.