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New Years Eve Party Decorations

Published December 26, 2012        by Sarah

It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re in charge of the party decorations. What will you do this year to really make the event fun and memorable? Go non-traditional and you will find that guests go wild.

The Hawaiian Luau

Sure, you can have streamers and traditional hats. But this year, you can really dazzle the crowd by having a theme. Why not have a Hawaiian party for New Year’s Eve? What could be more fun than ringing in the New Year during the icy winter with a festive luau? Depending on your location, you’ll probably have to be indoors come December. But if it’s warm enough, go outside. Roast a whole pig. Do it up with tiki torches. If you’re going to have to stay indoors, you can still have lots of flameless candle torches. Just replace the torch head on a tiki torch (you can find these at any party shop) with a flameless candle. They’re so easy to find now at discount stores.

As for the party decor, go all out with palm branches. You can use paper ones that you hang from the ceiling or place on the walls. Or you can use potted palm trees strung with white lights. Be sure to have leis for everyone and ask everyone to come in Hawaiian shirts or garb. Hand out inexpensive grass skirts so people can really get into the mood.

Have pineapple decor to further the Hawaiian mood. Serve half pineapples with pineapple chunks inside. Offer tropical drinks or mixed drinks with umbrellas or fancy flower picks in them. Don't forget to put out some festively decorated New Year cookies for party-goers to munch on as well. There are so many ways to decorate for a luau and you can find everything you need at party shops.

When the clock starts to wind out the old year, drink a festive toast to the New Year with Hawaiian cocktails or Kona coffee.

Kings and Queens for a Night

People love to dress up, and New Year’s Eve is traditionally the time when people most often bring out their finery. Invite your guests to come in their fanciest ball gowns and tuxedos for a black tie event that’s really fun. You can hand out tiaras for the ladies and top hats for the men. These can be bought from a party shop. You can have your home or hall set up like a castle ballroom with decorations worthy of Cinderella’s big night. The only difference is that your guests won’t turn into pumpkins or have to run at midnight. Serve champagne from glass slipper cups (available at party shops or online) and make it a fairy tale night out for everyone. Play classical music for dancing and clear the chairs out of the way. It will be fun to see everyone in their finest dress-up clothes. You might note on your invitation that ladies can rent gowns instead of having to shell out for a new one. They can also pick them up at consignment or resell shops for very little money.

No matter what your theme for this year’s New Year’s Eve party, be sure to make the decorations and little touches sparkle. Go a little extra to make the foods match the decor, and the rooms that guests will visit---like the bathroom or coat room—shine with a few extra details. It’s the biggest night of celebration in the year. Make it memorable for everyone on your guest list.


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