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Newborn as a Responsive Being

Published January 04, 2008        by Nicole

Your baby is not simply a bundle of reflexes.Each baby is unique.From day one, your baby asserts her individuality and makes known her temperament.You will soon discern her particular style in responding to the environment.

Within a few weeks, you will see her express her pleasure with coos and fleeting smiles and communicate her hunger, pain, or fear by varying cries of distress.You will learn to read each other.If you are responsive to her needs, she will learn to trust you.Your fostering of a sense of security will encourage her to continue to reach out to you.This circle of positive interaction will be gratifying to you all.

Many parents worry about “spoiling” their baby.Everyone would agree that a child who is rude and selfish is unpleasant.Your infant, however, does not yet have the intellectual maturity to be manipulative.At birth, she doesn’t know about people; she doesn’t recognize that she is a being separate from you.She is merely aware of her needs and expresses them as best she can.

Don’t worry about picking up your newborn when she cries.From her perspective, she was carried about for nine months.Gathering her into your arms to comfort her only makes sense.It is probably safe to say that you can’t hold your baby too much during the first three months.

As your baby gets older, responding to her includes replying to her babbling sounds.Your verbal responsiveness promotes her listening skills and language recognition.Many specialists in infant development feel that holding in their baby blanket and talking to your baby are the most important contributions you can make to her future development.