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Noah's Ark Baby Shower

Published July 03, 2015        by Matt

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Theme
Image by shorty_76 on Flickr
Noah's Ark Baby Shower

Ideas For A Noah's Ark Baby Shower

One of the most popular choices for showers, a Noah's Ark baby shower is both fun to plan and attend! If Mom is expecting a bouncing baby boy she plans to name Noah, if she is an animal lover, or if she is planning to decorate the nursery in an ark theme, the choice of this shower theme is a no brainer. If Mom is expecting twins, the Noah's Ark two by two concept works great as well!

In this post, I give you ideas for the invitations, baby shower food, decorations, gifts and even baby shower party favors for your guests.

Throw the best Noah's Ark baby shower ever by following some of these tips! Your guests will be talking about how much fun they had for months to come.

Noah's Ark Themed Invitations

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

For the invitations, you have several options and your choice will most likely be influenced by your budget and time schedule. If you are throwing an upscale shower and you are running a bit short on time, the best option will likely be fully customized invitations that have an ark theme such as the Noah's ark baby shower invitations shown in the photograph. This type of invite can be customized with all of the shower details and will arrive at your doorstep ready for mailing.

The second more affordable option are the fill-in type invites that feature a Noah's Ark design on the outside and then blank lines on the inside where you must hand-write all the shower details such as the time, date, location, RSVP information, etc. While these invitations are more affordable, the process is much more time consuming as you must write the details inside each and every invite... this can take a long time for large showers.

Finally, if you are crafty and have some time on your hands, creating your very own one-of-a-kind baby shower invitations is a great option. You can create them on the computer using a program like MS publisher with clip art to achieve the desired Noah's ark theme.

Alternatively, you can use construction paper or brown paper bags along with your creativity to make ark-shaped invitations with all the shower details. In either case, you can look around online for a clever verse to put on the invites. For twins, consider something like:

"All creatures large and small came two by two and so are [mommy-to-be's name]'s little two! Please join us for a twins baby shower!"

Noah's Ark Tableware & Decor

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

Many online shops and party supply stores sell Noah's Ark themed shower supplies. However you can also create many decorations on your own that tie in perfectly with this baby shower theme. For instance, gather up all the stuffed animals in your home (and ask your friends for their animals too) and then place them all around the shower area in pairs (remember the two by two concept especially if the shower is for twins). You can also use pairs of animal balloons and pairs of cardboard animal cut-outs that you either buy or make yourself all around the room and on the walls.

Buy additional latex balloons and streamers that tie in with the color scheme of the party. I suggest that you buy at least a few of the many Noah's ark themed tableware supplies such as plates and/or napkins and then use those items as inspiration for the party color scheme. The Noah's Ark baby shower tableware shown in the photograph is available on our website!

I found instructions for creating some adorable animal-balloons with faces made of tissue paper at They would be perfect for a Noah's Ark themed shower.

For table centerpieces, how about cutting out cardboard and forming it to create a boat/ark shape? You can fill it with snacks and/or small toy animals (in sets of two of course). Another centerpiece option is a Noah's Ark themed diaper cake that is constructed mostly of size 1 brand name diapers... what Mom wouldn't love getting diapers as a gift?? The great thing about diaper cakes is that they do double-duty as the shower gift and centerpiece.

Noah's Ark Food Ideas

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

Use these creative food and dessert ideas to tie in the Noah's Ark theme! No shower is complete without a bowl of punch for guests to drink. Rainbow colors are the perfect choice so why not try this Rainbow Punch recipe.

Rainbow Punch Recipe


  • 1/2 gallon rainbow sherbet
  • 2 liter bottle of Sprite, ginger ale or 7-up
  • 2 cups pineapple juice


Chill juice and soda prior to mixing. In a large punch bowl, mix together the juice and soda, then add sherbet in one large block just before the party starts. Makes 25 servings. Don't forget to float a plastic boat in the punch bowl too!

Photo Credit: iniquity2 on Flickr

Use animal-shaped baby cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, cheese slices, pizza and jello jigglers into various animal shapes. Don't forget to put bowls of animal crackers on the side tables as well as the buffet table for guests to snack on throughout the party.

Another great idea from creative baby shower ideas is to create an 'ark' out of a watermelon and then fill it with cut-up fruit. Be sure to add some plastic toy animals around the ark for a fun presentation. What a creative centerpiece on your buffet table!!

Having a Noah's Ark themed cake like the one shown in the photo to the right or the one shown in the photo below constructed using a Wilton Cake pan are both excellent ways to tie the theme in with the dessert. Another fantastic option is to create an array of cupcakes in various animal designs and place them on a platter or in a large cardboard constructed ark for display at the party. Remember to make 2 cupcakes in every animal design as shown in the photo below. Some excellent animal cupcake choices are lions, elephants, monkeys, panda bears, hippos, frogs, ducks, tigers, zebras, etc. Making all these cupcakes can be a lot of work, but they sure look great at Noah's Ark baby showers!

Noah's Ark Cake Idea

Noah's Ark Baby Shower
Image by

Wilton has done it again with this fun-shaped cake that is perfect for baby showers! Get detailed instructions on how to build this exact Noah's Ark Cake by clicking here.

Safari Cake Instructional Video

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Here are just a few of my favorite Baby Shower Game Ideas...

Animal Babies Game - You can either buy this game online by clicking here or you can create your own version on a computer. I recommend that you buy some Noah's Ark themed paper to print the game or create the game in a program like Microsoft Publisher so that you can add animal and Noah's Ark clip art around the game. Basically, you list animals with blank lines next to them where guests must fill in what the baby of that particular animal is called. The guest that fills in the most correct answers in a timed 3 minute period wins the prize. For example, a baby lion is called a cub. Here are some animals along with the baby names:

Alligator ~ hatchling

Bear ~ cub

Beaver ~ kitten or pup

Cat ~ kitten

Cow ~ calf

Coyote ~ pup or whelp

Deer ~ fawn

Dog ~ puppy

Donkey ~ foal

Duck ~ duckling

Eagle ~ eaglet

Eel ~ elver

Elephant ~ calf

Fish ~ fry

Fox ~ kit, cub or pup

Frog ~ tadpole, polliwog

Giraffe ~ calf

Goat ~ kid

Goose ~ gosling

Horse ~ colt

Hummingbird ~ chick

Kangaroo ~ joey

Lion ~ cub

Llama ~ cria

Monkey ~ infant

Owl ~ owlet

Panda ~ cub

Penguin ~ chick

Pig ~ piglet, shoat, farrow

Platypus ~ puggle

Racoon ~ cub

Sheep ~ lamb

Skunk ~ kit

Spider ~ spiderlet

Swan ~ cygnet

Turkey ~ poult

Turtle ~ hatchling

Whale ~ calf

Animal Charades or Pictionary - Use the above animal list and write them on small index cards. Break the guests into teams of 3 or 4 people and have each group taking turns acting out or drawing the animal name on the index card (one player from the team acts/draws and the rest of the team guesses). Time each round for 1 minute. If no one from the team guesses the correct answer, the other teams can steal by yelling out the correct answer. Play as many rounds as you like. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

Two by Two Icebreaker Game - This game provides a great way to get your guests talking to one another and mingling. There is nothing worse at showers then friends, family and in-laws that just sit in their own little groups with no one talking to each other. You will need to buy or use pairs of animals to give guests so make sure that you have as many animals as you do guests prior to the shower. As guests arrive at the shower, hand them each an animal telling them that they need to find their animal pair and that they need to find out everything they can about the person. Give them about 5 minutes to mingle and find their pairs. Then ask guests to introduce their partner (and tell what they learned about them) to the rest of the guests. Don't forget to have a personalized baby shower banner at the door to welcome your guests as well!

How Big is Mom's Ark? - A twist on the classic how big is mommy's tummy game. Have some yarn, toilet paper or string on hand and ask each guest to cut/tear off as much as they think it will take to wrap around mommy's mid-section. Then have each guest use their measuring device. The guest that is closest to mommy's tummy/ark size wins the prize.

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Favors

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

Matching favor ideas for you shower

Since Noah's Ark themed showers are so popular, you can find many online companies that sell favors that fit the theme perfectly. As shown in the photograph above, personalized candy bar wrappers, Noah's ark personalized baby shower mint tins and containers of lip balm can be customized with things like the mom-to-be's name and the shower date. Since these favors are personalized, they add an extra special touch to your party favors. You can also find things like animal-shaped soaps and Noah's ark shaped baby shower candles that come in little gift boxes so that you can hand them to guests. Buying favors is an excellent option when you are short on time and want elegant favors with a custom touch.

Some great do-it-yourself ideas are animal shaped notepads with matching pencils, animal shaped chocolates that you either buy or make yourself using candy molds, animal-shaped key chain favors, boxes of animal crackers where you tie a ribbon and matching personalized hang tag, or small beanie baby animals.

You could also place things like mini animal-shaped soaps, candles, or gummy bears in clear cellophane bags or small baby bottles to give your guests as favors.

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Gifts

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

Give the new Mom a matching theme Baby Gift

There are so many baby shower gift options for a Noah's Ark themed shower... especially if Mom plans to decorate the nursery with that same theme. You can find many companies that sell just about anything you can think of for a nursery in a Noah's Ark theme including the bedding set, lamps, wall art, rugs and more.

Even if Mom isn't necessarily doing a Noah's Ark nursery, you can still find gifts that tie in perfectly with the shower theme such as those shown in the above photograph. Baby Einstein Baby Shower has an entire line of products centered around the Noah theme such as Baby Noah World Animals board book and the Touch and Feel Discovery Cards. Plush Noah's Ark animal gift sets that are appropriate for babies are also available. And what Mom wouldn't love an ark-shaped photo frame where she can proudly display a photo of her twin babies!

Finally, consider stuffed animals as gifts for the shower. Just make sure that they are made for children so that they have been inspected for choking hazards. And if Mom has two little ones on the way, buy two of each animal and your gift is sure to be a hit at the 

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  1. we used jelly belly jelly beans as our party favor for a noah's ark party since they were rainbow colors....and we did an baby animal search to find them throughout the house.

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