Ocean Baby Shower Ideas

Under The Sea Critters Designer Tableware

Under The Sea Critters Designer Tableware

Ideas For An Ocean Critters Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers are the perfect time to help Mommy-to-be relax a bit, and what better way to do that than to give her a day at sea complete with ocean critters to help? There are so many great ideas that fit with this Ocean baby shower theme. Your guests will be floating in fun in no time at all.

Here are a few tips to help you start planning the best ocean baby shower ever!

Ocean Baby Shower Invitations

Your invitations are the perfect chance to set the mood for your baby shower, and there are a number of great ways to invite your guests to discover the cute critters the ocean depths have to offer.

Ocean Baby Shower Invitations

You could consider going with shaped invitations. Instead of a traditional rectangle or square, why not create your invitations in the shape of fish, an octopus, or even a shark? Go with appropriate colors for the creature you chose, and simply print your invitation information on the body of the critter.

Alternately, you could choose a slightly more traditionally shaped invitation, then cover it with a piece of fishing net to help further your theme.

The text on your invitations is also a great way to help start guests thinking about your theme. Instead of the traditional "You're Invited to Join Us for a Baby Shower," why not go with something like "Join the Mommy-to-Be Under the Sea" or even "Help us Celebrate! A New Guppy is Arriving Soon."

And don't forget the baby shower thank you notes should match the invitations if at all possible.

Ocean Critter Inspiration Board

Ocean Critter Inspiration Board

Photo courtesy of Big Dot of Happiness

Ocean Shower Tableware & Decor Ideas

Ideas For An Ocean Critters Baby Shower Theme

The goal with this shower is to help everyone feel like they're under the sea with the cute little ocean critters that are part of your theme. To do that, you may want to stick with ocean colors. Gentle blues are a great place to start, but remember that there are lots of tropical colors under the sea too, so if you feel like something a bit more exciting, don't hesitate to include some of those colors as well.

One great way to decorate is to build your own reef, then drape a fishing net over it. Building a reef can be as simple as creating one from cardboard, and adding pictures or plush sea animals to it. If you'd like to get a little more creative, you could use a material like Plaster of Paris to sculpt a reef. Just add a few little spaces for cute critters to sit on your reef then drape your fishing net over it.

To help set the mood a bit more, consider a bubble machine. These are fairly simple and inexpensive, and they'll help fill your space with bubbles throughout the party. They're available with most outdoor kids toys. Don't forget to buy the bubbles, though, because they're typically not included.

For the baby shower centerpieces on every table, consider fish bowls with small ocean creatures inside or even sand and seashells to help set your nautical theme. You could also hang a life preserve over the table customized with the new baby's name in the center.

With this theme, your tableware can be fairly simple. Go with coordinating colors for your plates and napkins. Consider tying your printed napkin and cutlery bundles with a bit of twine and a seashell as well. Shells are available in bulk at hobby stores and online.

Ocean Themed Party Food Ideas

The food is easily the centerpiece of any baby shower, and there are so many great ways to incorporate your food into this theme. You could consider submarine sandwiches to feed your guests. Load them with toppings like lettuce, tomato, green peppers, cucumbers, pickles, and olives as well as your guests' favorite lunch meats.

For a sweet touch, make Rice Crispy treats into the shape of various ocean critters with the help of cookie cutter favors. Add a bit of icing to give them great colors, and you'll have a hit on your hands. You could also place a bowl of Life Savers or shaped gummy animals on the table, too. They come in octopus, shark, and fish shapes.

Ocean Critter Shower Cake Inspiration
Image collage by DessertLover2010 on Flickr

One way to quench your guests' thirst and still stick with your theme is to make ocean punch. This dark blue punch is the perfect treat for your guests, and if you buy starfish shaped reusable ice cubes, you'll have the perfect oceanic treat. To make it, just mix a package of berry flavored blue unsweetened drink mix with a two liter bottle of Sprite or 7-Up. Add in a bottle of white cranberry juice, 8 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and 1 cup of sugar. Stir well, then throw in your shaped ice cubes. This punch is best made just before you get ready to serve it.

Want to make your cake the hit of the party? One way to do just that is to choose to use build an ocean themed cupcake cake. Bake enough cupcakes for all of your guests, then place them on a cupcake stand. You'll want to frost them in an ocean blue. Make sea creatures out of fondant or simply buy plastic sea creatures to place on top of each cupcake. From the top cupcake down, drape green Fruit by the Foot strips so it looks as if you're peering into seaweed to see the ocean creatures.

Looking for something a bit different? Try making an edible coral reef cake! You can find instructions a the virtual home of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Fun Ocean Themed Cake Idea

Ocean Inspired Game Ideas

Your guests will get a blast from the past and have some undersea fun at the same time if you organize a short Go Fish tournament. Cards specifically made for Go Fish are widely available at stores everywhere, and many of them are even shaped like fish. See how many of your guests remember the rules for this childhood-staple.

Another great way to entertain your guests is to place goldfish crackers in a clear bowl. See who can come the closest to the number of crackers that are actually inside the bowl.

One other game you could consider is an ocean babies quiz. Create a quiz based on the various names of babies in the ocean. For example, a baby shark is a pup and a dolphin is a calf. The person who gets the most names correct wins the game.

For prizes, consider beach or shell candles that you can buy locally or online.

Ocean Baby Shower Ideas

Ocean Themed Party Favor Ideas

Nautical party favors are numerous. You could consider sea shell shaped soaps for your guests or even fish shaped candles. Additionally, you may want to go with something like sea shell necklaces for your guests. You can buy little hang tags that are personalized with Mom's name and the shower date to customize any homemade favors and to give them that extra special touch.

Looking for a sweet treat to send home? Consider brownies or decorated sugar cookies shaped like ocean critters. You could also do ocean colored M & M's in a bottle for your guests to take with them.

Baby Gifts with an Ocean Theme

Baby Gifts with an Ocean Theme

These days, there are so many cute ocean critter ideas for the baby to be, too. Lots of learning toys are ocean themed. Vtech makes a musical octopus, and Baby Einstein makes several ocean themed toys from play-mats to musical sea turtles. Many companies also make adorable plush ocean critters.

A crib toy is another good idea. Several companies, including Fisher Price, make soothers and mobiles that include ocean sounds to help lull baby off to sleep. There are also crib mirrors that will entertain baby for hours, complete with an ocean theme.

Babies grow to love bath toys over time, and the ocean theme is often present in these as well. Consider purchasing a variety of small bath toys in the shape of ocean creatures. Starfish, rays, and even an octopus or two will be welcome fun in baby's bath as he grows.

We sell the water world welcome wagon and the sock/clothing octopuses shown above. We also have tons more baby gift baskets with an ocean theme.

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