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Sweetest Day History

Published August 20, 2010        by Sarah

Sweetest Day CookiesThis October make sure you do not forget to pay tribute to those you love and those who work hard to provide you with the love and support you need to be successful at life.  The reason for this is because October 16th will mark the eighty-eighth annual Sweetest Day.  If you have not heard of this holiday or you simply don’t know about the story behind the creation of this special day, then this article is intended for you.

Sweetest Day is observed each and every third Saturday in the month of October.  Its origins can be traced back to Cleveland, Ohio, where, in 1922, the employee of a large candy company decided that it would be a good idea to honor those who suffered from handicaps, those who were orphaned, or those who were otherwise of need.  The man’s name was Herbert Birch Kingston.  From his idea came the Sweetest Day we know today. Since that date, people all over the country have embraced the idea of sharing with and caring for others a little more than usual on this one special day in October.  Celebrities have been known to buy thousands of small gifts and give them to children who work hard or who have known true suffering.

Though this holiday started in Cleveland and slowly spread to other areas of the Great Lakes region, today it is noted all over the country.  One of the reasons the notoriety of the Sweetest Day has spread is because of the migration of those born and raised in the Great Lakes area as they have moved about the country.  And, while the holiday was once intended to be a day to treat those less fortunate with special care, it is often interpreted today as a time to recognize love.  Couples thrive on the opportunity to treat each other to a token of love and affection.  Whether it is candy and flowers or a spa treatment and a night out, Sweetest Day gifts are meant to say “I love you and appreciate all that you do.”  It offers the opportunity to take a moment in time and recognize all that others do around you.

Image by Dheuer on FlickrBefore this articles draws to a close, there is one other matter to address.  Many people feel that this holiday was created by those looking to make a little extra cash - the greeting card and candy makers of the world - but this is not the case at all.  While it is never discouraged to pay tribute to your significant other, it is also important to understand that this holiday was not meant to be for secondary Valentine’s Day gifts.  Instead, it was meant as a way to pay tribute to those less fortunate and recognize their trials.

So, perhaps on this Sweetest Day, you would consider spending the money that would have been spent on your beau to make a donation to a charity, to help someone less fortunate, or to share a small memento with each member of a hospital ward.  In this manner, you will be paying tribute to those who were originally meant to be honored each third Saturday of October.  This Sweetest Day, do your best to pay homage to the meaning of the holiday; give a gift of love to those who need it most.

Learn even more about this holiday on hubpages!  Check out All About Sweetest Day!

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