Our Best Corporate Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Employees

anniversary gift ideas for employees

Looking for the right corporate anniversary gift ideas for employees can be a daunting task. Searching for fresh stuff is one task office managers find a bit exhausting. Before thinking of presents worth giving to your team, you need to understand the purpose of corporate gifts. These souvenirs are usually for Christmas parties, company anniversaries, and celebrate the worker's retirement or length of service.

Today, we wanted to give you some of our best ideas for giving work anniversary gifts. Some of them are familiar. Others are a bit more unorthodox and surprise you. But it's the surprises that can often mean a lot when you celebrate an employee.

Out of the Box and Fashionable Gift Ideas

Start with personalized gifts.

best employee anniversary gifts

Show your appreciation with something unique or uncommon like desk accessories. These include a black stylus, ball-point pens, pen and pencil holders, business portfolio, and executive letter opener. Hand-crafted products look exquisite and make gifts look more special. Give your employee a platform such as a business card holder.

Office staff can spice up their desks with these super cool office accessories. Or if they're retiring, these make for a wonderful moment for their home office.


Handmade glassware or glass products are also trendy.

personalized employee anniversary gifts

There are numerous items to choose from such as wine glasses, jugs, pitchers, and bowls. Or, you may go for figurines, paperweights, small clocks, abstract trophies, and coasters.  We recommend the latest trendiness around stemless wine glasses or whiskey glasses.


Gifts for Food Lovers

employee gifts for food lovers

For food lovers, your choices can be a basket of goodies like gourmet chocolates or delicacies, an expensive bottle of white or red wine, gift certificate for a fancy restaurant, and delicious cold cuts with cheese. Don't forget to include the company's name and initials. Meanwhile, wine connoisseurs will love made to order crystal decanters with glasses and goblets. Other possible choices consist of cookies, cakes, and baked bread, a variety of jams, specialty tea and coffee, smoked salmon, and seafood plates.

Put together a basket of healthy snacks that will satisfy their ravenous appetites without interfering with the health regimen. You may also give away fitness equipment that promises long-term health benefits for your workers. Thanks to modern technology, these conditioning implements can come with compact and pretty boxes with great fitness trackers.


The Gadget Kings

best gifts for tech employees

It's now a techie generation, so the majority of office workers are fascinated by gadgets. Instead of giving a book, firms with enough spending budget can provide tablets or e-readers to deserving staff. You can pre-load this tablet with a few best-sellers or books these avid readers will enjoy.

A beautiful piece of jewelry is something that will captivate the hearts of female employees. For men, a wristwatch is one of the ideal corporate anniversary gift ideas for employees. This gift highlights the years of affinity between a male employee and the company. It can be more memorable if the watch bears an engraved name of the company.



events gifts for employee anniversary

If you want to be out of a box, a pair of tickets to a band concert, music event, or sporting competition is a good suggestion. Small kitchen appliances such as coffee maker, microwave oven, or blender are also perfect presents. These are daily conveniences in the kitchen which are both practical and distinctive.


Gift Certificates

giving anniversary gifts to employees

If the employee plays golf, give the person a personalized golf club or a complete set of clubs. Frequent shoppers will relish gift certificates for bookstores or posh retail outlets. Outdoor gear gift certificates for them to get mountain bikes or equipment for hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, and scuba diving when they retire.



travel gifts for employees milestone anniversaries

Travel vouchers make great gifts for employees who love to travel. This coupon usually consists of one night of hotel accommodations and dinner at a restaurant. Presents can come in the form of services and include a massage at a swanky spa or airline gift certificates.

Engraved knives for different purposes like the kitchen, hunting, and outdoor camping are also good souvenirs.


Reward and Recognition

recognizing employee anniversary gift

Rewards have been established to have a considerable impact on employees by boosting the morale of workers and sustained loyalty to the organization. However, it may not be possible to find stuff that everybody will cherish. Otherwise, there is an option for a particular item in a catalog and presented in a small package during your company program or during their anniversary celebration if you are throwing them a work anniversary party.

Presentation of the gift is also a vital portion of the service recognition. The best way to celebrate is to give the memento in front of the awardees' colleagues. It is also an opportunity to deliver a brief spiel citing the person's significant accomplishments and devotion as well as elucidate your company's ideals. Many business organizations give away keepsakes for employees who complete 5, 10, 20, and 25 milestone years of service. Some even bequeath small souvenir items in the first year of a worker for motivation.


Celebrating Milestone Work Anniversaries celebrating employees milestone anniversaries

Traditional, honored traditions provide the perfect gift ideas for wedding anniversaries, but workplace anniversaries don't present as simple a proposition. Honoring employees doesn't have to be complicated. Using the wedding anniversary schedule as a guide, try these corporate gifts as a thank you to the people who keep the business going. 

It's not a requirement to take the traditional material literally. For example, tin could be taken as the actual construction material for the item or it could be construed as the item itself, such as a tin of cookies or a keepsake tin. Ruby could refer to the actual jewel or the color. Play with the meanings and get creative. Your imagination can lead you to the perfect gift or award for those with whom you work. 


1st Anniversary

A married couple would receive paper for this anniversary. Purchase personalized letterhead, stationary or notepads for the employee's desk. It provides a gift they can show off and use at the office or home. 


5th Anniversary

The fifth anniversary would provide a wood gifting opportunity for a married couple, so why not extrapolate that to a business item? A wood desk clock in rosewood compliments any desk. For the executive on the go, try a wooden power bank so their cell phone never dies. 


10th Anniversary

The traditional tenth anniversary uses a tin gift. Try a keepsake tin or decorative metal box. Take the “tin” to mean the storage container and open the material possibilities to include this silver keepsake box. 


20th Anniversary

Whether its coffee or tea that gets them through the day, the twentieth anniversary usually receives a china gift. These keep them going with caffeine in style. 


30th Anniversary

The thirtieth anniversary features pearl gifts for a wedding and that almost works for a business anniversary. Try a pen and pencil set inlaid with mother of pearl. 


40th Anniversary

Known as the ruby anniversary, this doesn’t require jewelry as a gift. A ruby accented money clip or photo frame provide timeless options for a man or woman. 


50th Anniversary

For those rare individuals who, in the 21st century, reach the 50th anniversary, the traditional gift of a gold watch provides a great standby. Also, celebrate with a gold letter opener. 

Try these thank you gifts to show appreciation to the employees who build the company. Their time and work leads to company success. It makes sense to award that. Celebrate each anniversary as not only success for the employee, but the firm.


Recommended Budget

how much should I spend on employee gifts

How much should managers allocate to an employee? Again, the price must not be high. Try coming up with categories depending on the number of years. Christmas tokens can be goodies that workers can bring home to their families. Check out e-Commerce shops that specialize in company gifts without a minimum number of orders and low prices. Most of these online stores provide 100% satisfaction warranties. Fees frequently include shipment and delivery, company logo, and stationery for the award certificate.

One of the key factors in corporate gift-giving is that management fully appreciates what an individual contributes to the institution. Promotions, pay increases, and incentives are part of the standard HR process. Rewards and gifts are not, but these serve to inspire your deserving people.


Plan Ahead of Time

planning employee anniversary celebration

Human Resources managers or those in charge must plan which is at least one year before the service award, occasion, or employee gathering. Management should assign one manager to take care of all the details and requirements supported by a team during planning sessions and actual activity.

One of the first things HR needs to consider is the budget for corporate gift ideas for employees. Determine the number of employees and guests, and the tone of the celebration. List down all requirements and begin looking for a suitable venue if there is not enough space in the office.

Decide on corporate gifts and come up with a list of suppliers. Compare costs and arrangements. Narrow down your list to at least three providers and request for proposals with quotes. Discuss the format of invitations. Prepare an appropriate program, identify the hosts, and prepare speeches a few weeks before the real gathering. Don't forget to solicit recommendations, ideas, and inputs from other departments or work units.

Choose your preferred gift from our long list of suggestions. Do you have any ideas of gifts we haven't mentioned above? Feel free to ask us below in the comments.

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  1. These personalized options for corporate anniversaries are awesome and I think my employees will really enjoy them and it shows that I got them something just for them, not something I was just giving to everyone

  2. Should I include a note when doing a gift based off of the themes for the employees? And should I worry about standardizing gifts or is it okay to do different things for these anniversary gifts?

  3. I feel like the idea of doing some type of company reward or recognition is done at most every company, do you have any suggestions for how to keep mine unique?

  4. Viola, thanks for writing. I suggest thinking about what matches best with your culture. Are they tech geeks or gardeners. That'll lead you down the right path.

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