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Over The Hill Birthday Party Ideas

Published January 12, 2015        by Matt

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over the hill birthday party ideas

Milestone birthdays are important to recognize and celebrate (especially true for a 40th or 50th birthday). Parties for these milestones can go one of two ways - either an over the hill humorous birthday bash or a sentimental party that truly celebrates the life of the birthday boy or girl.

When deciding what type of party to throw, consider the personality of the person because you want them to feel special on their big day!

Over The Hill Party Planning Steps

  1. Set A Budget - throwing a birthday party can be an expensive proposition so before you get started, set a budget and stick to it. You might want to consider the party itself as your birthday gift to the recipient.
  2. Pick A Theme - just like kids parties, adult birthday parties are more fun with a theme. Below you will find some great over the hill birthday gifts and party themes that would work great for 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays.
  3. Set A Date & Time - if you think you can pull it off, surprise parties are a great milestone birthday option. Just throw the party a week or two before or after the actual birthday date and have the party at an inconspicuous location like a familiar restaurant, favorite bar, or friend's house. Be sure to tell guests to be at least 15 minutes early and to park far away from the location and walk so that the guest of honor doesn't recognize the cars on the way into the establishment. This party will require coordination with someone close to the person like their spouse or children.
  4. Choose A Location - a restaurant, country club, bowling alley, local park or neighborhood pool are great locations for adult birthday parties.
  5. Guest List - depending on the location of the party and your budget, the guest list usually includes close friends and extended family. At my father's 60th, we invited a bunch of his old buddies from high school who he hadn't seen in years. They had tons of fun reminiscing and looking at old photos that they had all brought to the party.
  6. Invitations - choose party invitations that tie in with the birthday party theme and be sure to mail them at least 2 weeks prior to the party date. Give guests any special instructions regarding gifts or the party theme and ask them to RSVP by a specific date. This way you can plan how much food and drink you'll need.
  7. Menu - consider food choices that also tie in well with the party theme. If it is a humorous party, you could make a special section of food for 'old people' such as jars of baby food (as a gag). Have the birthday cake delivered, as photo cake with a photo of the birthday boy or girl from when they were young, or make your own over the hill cake with a mound of grass, or a tombstone. See the cake photo section of this lens for great ideas.

    over the hill cupcakes
    Image by tawest64 on Flickr
  8. Decor - the decorations really help set the tone of the party. Numerous online supply shops such as Birthday Direct carry over the hill tableware, invitations, balloons, centerpieces and more.
  9. Party Games - not everyone will be inclined to have party games, but if you do, try some of these classics adapted for the over the hill crowd (found on another party website). They'll have your guests laughing. Be sure to have some prizes like black jelly beans on hand.
    • Pin the toupee' on the bald man or pin the reading glasses on old fart
    • Twenty questions shouted into your good ear
    • Spin the bottle of prune juice
    • Musical recliners
    • Red Rover, Red Rover the nurse says bend over
    • Sag, your it!
  10. Party Favors - give your guests a little something to take home with them after the party. Some great birthday party favor ideas are lemonade or cocktail mix favors, personalized birthday chocolate bars, and birthday candles. They'll be reminded of his or her special day when they enjoy eating or using the little gift.

Over The Hill Party Decorations/Balloons

Over The Hill Birthday Party Themes

over the hill coffin gag giftFor those birthday boys or girls who are a bit sensitive about their age, a sentimental birthday celebration with family and close friends is the way to go. Often times, this type of party lends itself perfectly to a 'Memory Lane' theme where you feature poster boards or a slide show with photos of the birthday boy or girl throughout their lives (from birth through the present). A great idea is to send guests a blank 'scrapbook' page where they can add their own thoughts or photos of their dear friend or relative. They just bring it with them to the party and all of them are gathered together to create a one-of-a-kind memory book.

If your birthday boy or girl has a great sense of humor, an over the hill themed party is entirely appropriate. Use over the hill themed invitations, decoration and tableware available at many local party supply stores or online at companies. When you send out the invitations, be sure to tell guests that over the hill gag gifts are entirely appropriate. You'll be amazed at the funny ideas that people come up with from canes to laxatives to adult sized diapers. The gift opening portion of the party is a hoot.

Another over the hill theme is a mock funeral. If you choose this theme, be absolutely certain that the person is in good health and that they haven't experienced a death in the family recently. Obviously, this theme is a bit touchy, but can be hilarious for the correct person. We recommend this type of theme for 40th and maybe 50th birthdays. The invitations should say something about 'In Memory of so & so's Youth' on the front and then inside say that you are having a 'Mock Funeral Service because so & so has fatally slipped over the hill'. Depending on how far you want to take the theme, you can ask guests to dress in funeral appropriate attire such as black. Ask a few of the birthday celebratee's close friends or family to write funny mock eulogies. Either in your home or at the party establishment, drape a table in black fabric and set-up chairs in a row in front of the table to make it look like a wake (we've heard of people asking the person to lie down on the table during the eulogy reading). As guests arrive, hand out funeral programs full of funny little sayings and memories about the person and have background organ music playing. Serve refreshments and a tombstone shaped cake after the ceremony.

For 50th birthday, a Hawaii 5-0 party is a fun theme because so many party stores sell luau themed supplies which make this type of party an easy one to plan and throw. Just ask guests to dress in Hawaiian or tropical themed attire. Be sure to have the guest of honor wear a grass skirt and lei. Encourage guests to bring birthday gift baskets and presents in keeping with the theme if possible. Decorate with blow up palm trees and colorful lanterns. Serve drinks in coconut or pineapple glasses and have tropical themed food such as pineapple-chicken kabobs, fresh fruit and blue Hawaiian drinks. And don't forget a game of Limbo.

Celebrate The Decade parties are also great ideas for 50th and 60th birthdays. For instance if it is a 50th birthday party, have a fabulous fifties (1950's) themed party and for a 60th birthday, have a psychedelic sixties party. Ask guests to dress in decade appropriate clothing (e.g. tie dye, leg warmers, leisure suits, etc). Decorate with movie posters, vintage home appliances and colors associated with the particular decade. You could even play games like Hula Hoop. The most important aspect of a decade party is the music. You should have mix CD's with songs just from that decade playing. You could even consider having a Karaoke machine with songs from a particular period.

Humorous Over The Hill Gag Gift Ideas

over the hill giftGot a friend or family member turning 30, 40, 50 or 60? Don't let these milestones pass by without gently teasing the old birthday boy or girl with one of these great birthday gift ideas. Be forewarned that these gift ideas are designed to poke fun so make sure that the recipient has a great sense of humor.

Over The Hill Shirts can be purchased either online or at a local mall. Of course, they wouldn't be complete without a silly saying like "At my age, happy hour is a nap" , "I'm great in bed... I can sleep for days", "In Dog Years... I'm Dead", or "I'm not aging... I'm increasing in value".

Over The Hill Gift Baskets featuring many silly items can be found at many online shops who ship directly to the old birthday boy or girl. These gag gift baskets include things like laxatives, anti-aging soap, chocolate dentures, prune juice, a megaphone to improve hearing, hemorrhoid cream, over the hill mugs and over the hill foods like bran flakes and black jelly bean pills. Many places use bed pans and coffins as the basket container. If you are really ambitious, you could put one of these baskets together yourself.

Over The Hill Birthday Hats make great gifts especially for over the hill birthday parties. The birthday boy or girl can where the cap throughout the party. Hats come in many varieties from baseball caps that say "Old Fart" to birthday hats with candles and an "Old & Grumpy" saying to birthday tiaras with the age like "40" displayed on the front.

"What A Year It Was" Books make great gifts. These books include articles about events, photos, magazine ads and general trivia about the year when the birthday celebrant was born. If you'd like to give a more serious gift that will be treasured, this is a great option.

Fabulous Little Gag Gifts can be found at your local Wal-mart or Rite Aid. Some examples are an extra large pair of granny panties, a pill bottle filled with black jelly beans that say 'Energizer Pills', a little magnifying glass that has a personalized hang tag reading 'Vision Enhancer', ugly slippers that say 'Old Man Slippers' that he has to wear at the party, etc.

Over The Hill Birthday Cookie Bouquets are fun because they are a sweet and funny gag gift all wrapped up into one. Usually featuring containers such as a gift coffin or funny sayings like 'Here Lies Your Youth', these cookie gifts even make great party centerpieces and the cookies can even be given to guests as birthday party favors.

Finally, shop at websites such as Get Silly for small gag gifts. From over the hill toilet paper to fart gag gifts to party supplies, this is a one stop birthday gag gift shop.

Fun Over The Hill Birthday Cakes

over the hill birthday party ideas 2 1 520x520 Over The Hill Birthday Party Ideas

These fun cakes were part of a collage made by DessertLover2010 at Flickr.

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