Over The Hill Birthday Party Ideas

Image by tawest64 on FlickrThe Over the Hill party is one where you mock the guest of honor for getting old. This party is fun for someone turning 30, 40, 50, or even 60 years old. There’s no real old age anymore as people are living healthier lives. You may have a very youthful outlook at 60 or feel old at 30. So the party is all in good fun no matter what the age.

Be sure that you have a willing subject. If you have a birthday girl who’s not going to take the ribbing with ease, don’t throw this kind of party. But if you’ve got a fun-loving guest of honor, go for it.


Invitations can be black colored paper cut into coffin shapes. You can put a cut out of a foot on the front and inside it can say, “Bill’s got one foot in the grave. Come to his Over the Hill party.” Or you can send out a classy Over the Hill skeleton or grim reaper invite.


The food can be everything black or dried up plus old folks’ food. Think raisins, prunes, bran muffins, mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, etc. Try to get creative about how you serve it, too. You can make a sign that says “Early Bird Special 4:30” in honor of the elderly who love their early dinners. You can serve soup and offer bibs for guests to wear.


The decorations are where you can really get wild. Bring in walkers, canes, crutches, a wheelchair, a potty chair, and any other decorations that suggest old age. See if you can borrow them from a supply house who rents them out. Decorate with black streamers and black crepe paper. Your over the hill tableware can be black as well. Have a cutout of the grim reaper at the party as well. You can have little skeleton candies or skeletons on the napkins. Have dentures in cups on each table.


For games, you can hold wheelchair races. See who’s fastest in their old age. You can also invite people to bring in over the hill gifts of old age products like hemorrhoid cream and denture cream, adult diapers, and any other gag items. Place them in a big sack and then have one person at a time come up and try to guess what’s inside the bag by feeling it while blindfolded.

Many of the things at the Over the Hill party that make it so much fun come directly from the guests. You might ask them all to dress up as old folks to get in the mood, but chances are there’s a prankster in the group who’s going to liven things up anyway. Ask that person for help in planning games and activities. Or ask him to be the master of ceremonies to keep the party rolling.

Of course, have musical oldies for people to dance to and bring in a juke box or old radio if you can to set the scene even if you don’t play it. The more props you have, the more fun it will be.

Your guest of honor will remember their milestone birthday forever. So make it festive, fun, and unique from start to finish. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a big impact.

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