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Over the Hill Birthday Party - Planning Steps

Published September 24, 2010        by Rae Ann

  1. over the hill birthday kit Over the Hill Birthday Party   Planning StepsSet A Budget - Before you get started, set a budget and stick to it!  Throwing a birthday party can get really expensive, so don't rule out the idea of asking family or friends to bring a dish to share.  Often the food becomes the most expensive part.
  2. Set A Date & Time - Surprise parties are a great milestone birthday option, if you can pull it off.  Pick a date within a week or two of their actual birthday.
  3. Pick A Theme - Last week's blog post listed a bunch of fun birthday party themes.  Theme parties also add a little extra fun to the event, and can help people in buying their gift for the birthday boy or girl.
  4. Choose A Location - Having the party at someone's home is the lest expensive and also works well no matter the weather.  Other ideas are a restaurant, country club, bowling alley, local park or neighborhood pool.
  5. Guest List - How many people to invite depends on the location of the party and your budget. Typically the guest list includes close friends and extended family. If you're able to invite a lot of people you may want to include people they work with and old friends too.
  6. Invitations - Mail party invitations at least 2 weeks prior to the party date. Give guests any special instructions regarding gifts or the party theme and ask them to RSVP by a specific date. Giving them a phone number AND e-mail address to RSVP to seems to decrease the number of people who don't respond. This way you can plan how much food and drink you'll need.  Include directions for those who may need it.
  7. Menu - Consider food choices that also tie in well with the party theme. If it is a humorous party, you could make a special section of food for 'old people' such as a bowl of prunes (as a gag).  A pig roast may be a good choice for your Luau themed party. You can really get create with the birthday cake. A humorous cake such as a tombstone, or a photo cake with a photo when the birthday boy or girl was young are 2 ideas.  Check online or with your local bakery for more great ideas.
  8. Decor - Decorations really help set the tone of the party. Numerous online supply shops carry over the hill birthday tableware, invitations, balloons, centerpieces and more.  Blow up pictures of the guest of honor throughout their life and tape them to walls for some fun memories.
  9. Party Games - Not every chooses to have party games - it depends on the type of party you are hosting, the guests that are attending that the personality of the birthday boy or girl.  Look online for some fun and funny games that will have everyone laughing.
  10. Party Favors - Give your guests a little something to take home with them to remember this special day. Some great birthday party favor ideas are lemonade or cocktail mix favors, personalized birthday chocolate bars, and birthday candles.

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