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Over the Hill Birthday Party Themes

Published September 17, 2010        by Rae Ann

over the hill cookie Over the Hill Birthday Party ThemesI s someone you know celebrating a milestone birthday soon?  Throw them a party! There are two different ways you can celebrate - either an over the hill humorous birthday bash or a sentimental party that celebrates the life of the birthday boy or girl. When deciding what type of party to throw, consider the personality of the person because you want them to feel special on their big day!

Birthday Theme Ideas:

Memory Lane:  A sentimental birthday celebration may be your theme of choice. Feature poster boards or a slide show with photos of the birthday boy or girl throughout their lives (from birth through the present). A great idea is to send guests a blank 'scrapbook' page where they can add their own thoughts or photos of their dear friend or relative. Mention in the invitation that you would like the guest to bring photos or mementos to contribute to this one-of-a-kind memory book.

Over The Hill: If your birthday boy or girl has a great sense of humor, an over the hill themed party is entirely appropriate. Use over the hill themed invitations, decoration and tableware available at many local party supply stores or online. Decorations are usually black - black balloons, black streamers, etc. When you send out the invitations, be sure to tell guests that gag gifts are entirely appropriate. You'll be amazed at the funny ideas that people come up!  Some gag gifts include canes,  laxatives, adult sized diapers and more!  Make sure you have your camera ready for the gift opening portion of the party!

Hawaii 5-0 Party: For a 50th birthday, a Hawaii 5-0 party is a fun theme because so many party stores sell luau themed supplies which make this type of party an easy one to plan and throw. Just ask guests to dress in tropical themed attire. Be sure to have the guest of honor wear a grass skirt and lei! Decorate with blow up palm trees and colorful lanterns. Serve drinks in coconut or pineapple glasses and have tropical themed food such as pineapple-chicken kabobs, fresh fruit and blue Hawaiian drinks. And don't forget a game of Limbo!

Fabulous 50's! (or 40's or 60's !): Celebrate The Decade that the birthday boy or girl is entering! For instance if it is a 50th birthday party, have a fabulous fifties (1950's) themed party and for a 60th birthday, have a psychedelic sixties party. Ask guests to dress in decade appropriate clothing (e.g. tie dye, leisure suits, etc). Decorate with movie posters, vintage home appliances and colors associated with the particular decade. You could even play games like Hula Hoop. The most important aspect of a decade party is the music. You should have mix CD's with songs just from that decade playing. You could even consider having a Karaoke machine with songs from a particular period.

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