Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

Lordy, Lordy - Look Who's 40

When a friend or family member reaches a milestone birthday such as 40, 50 or 60, you can throw them an Over the Hill party and even send them an Over the Hill cookie gift.

There are so many different ideas for celebrating their big day in a fun way. Suggesting that they're getting old can be done in a lighthearted way that pokes fun at the guest of honor.

You always want to make sure you've got a receptive guest of honor who won't take offense. Once you're sure you've got a receptive audience, here are some games you can play to add to the levity.

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Dinosaur Trivia

Dust Off the Memories

Play a game of trivia where contestants have to guess which "dinosaur" or outdated thing is written on a card. Ideas to include are the Edsel, the rotary telephone, a typewriter, corded telephones, remote controls with a cord, Atari video games, leg warmers, discos, etc.

A good resource for these items is online. You can print off the image itself, or simply the text of what the item is. You can have children guess what the item was or may have been used for as well, this makes for a good laugh.

Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

Walker or Wheelchair Races

Race to the Finish

Bring in some spare walkers or wheelchairs and set up good-natured races. Create an obstacle course using fun objects and give out prizes for the fastest. smoothest walker or wheeler.

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Hold a contest for who can decorate their walkers most creatively or for the contestant who can demonstrate the best walker shuffle.

Don't forget to have birthday cookie gifts on hand to give to the winners.

Dizzy Walker Races - Take Walker Racing to Another Level


Or Lack Thereof

Poke fun at memory loss by having participants remember and recite strings of numbers, phrases or other challenging things. Everyone will be entertained as contestants display their own lack short memories.

Have them count backwards from 1,000 or ask them to recite as many US Presidents as they can. Put your own creative twist on this game if you think something may be more appropriate or humorous for your crowd.

Retro Dance Party

Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

Bringin' Down the House

Bring in a disco ball and some retro clothing and objects such as a record player and leisure suit. Hold a dance contest with CDs or records of old favorites.

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See who can remember how to do the Hustle or the Mashed Potato. You'll be completely entertained breaking out these hilarious dance moves from years back!

Old School Showdown - Let the Games Begin

Bring in games like shuffleboard, chess or checkers, golf or bocce ball. Really any game that's associated with older folks. Have guests compete against each other for hilarious results.

The Five Senses

Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

When Senses Fail

Mock the fact that the senses dim as people age. Have an eye chart and give eye tests. Bring in salty, sweet and sour foods and blindfold the guests while they taste and try to identify them. Have a box of objects and ask guests to identify them by feel only.

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Play unique sound effects and see if guests can hear them and identify them. Finally, offer different vials of scents and find out who can identify them. Make them funny or over the top so everyone gets a chuckle.

You could even work this eye test theme into your over the hill tableware. Look for plates or napkins for added humor.

Helpful Links - Planning an Over the Hill Party

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Toys of Yesteryear

Do They Still Make That?

Bring out old games from the guest of honor's childhood. See if everyone is still as limber as they used to be by playing Twister or other childhood favorites. Have retro toys on had to add to the nostalgia. Bring out Lincoln Logs or Barbies, Slinky, Rubik's Cube or Fisher Price toys that everyone will fondly remember. You'll be surprised to see guests fighting over them.

Musical Wheelchairs or Recliners - Or Just Chairs, Your Choice

Put a twist on the classic game of Musical Chairs by playing it with wheelchairs or Lazy Boy recliners. Guests may have to run for their adult diapers from laughing too hard.

Another option? Poke fun at the sense of sight by playing Musical Chairs blindfolded! The guests will have a ball and the spectators won't be able to stop laughing. See the video below for a demonstration.

Musical Chairs - Blindfolded Style

It Happened One Year

Back in My Day...

Research the year of the birthday boy or girl's birth to find out what historical and memorable events happened that year. Turn it into a trivia game. Either ask questions and have guests come up with the event, or have guests try to think of events that would have happened that year. Events can range from wars, to historical moments, or maybe even a big family event that people there would remember.

Toast and Roast

A Little Bash Before You Crash

Over the Hill Party Game Ideas

Ask guests in their invitations to bring stories of the guest of honor. As dinner starts, ask each person to stand up and roast the birthday boy or girl by telling an embarrassing or funny tale involving them. Depending on the stories and the number of guests, you can fill an entire evening with just this activity.

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Of course you'll want to give out prizes for the winners of these games to thank them for being good sports. Great ideas for over the hill gag gifts include tubes of hemorrhoid cream, dentures, and corn removers, AARP magazines, senior citizen discount cards, t-shirts with witty age-related slogans and hearing aids.

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