Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Host An Amazing Owl Themed Baby Shower!

Owl Baby Shower IdeasNaturally themed baby showers are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the most popular new ideas is to incorporate owls into the theme. Whether Mom-to-be loves owls or you're just looking for the perfect way to do something a bit different, an owl baby shower is the way to go.

Keep in mind that in many cases, word play will be the name of the game. From banners reading "Baby Whoooo?" to invitations that use an owl's signature call, many of your cutest decorations and accents will probably incorporate at least a little word play. Here are a few ideas that will help you cover every aspect of the upcoming shower.

Owl Baby Shower Invitations

There are so many cute ideas for invitation designs with an owl theme. An invitation in the shape of a hoot owl would be adorable. Just place your text below the owl's large eyes for maximum effect.

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

You could also create one in the shape of a large tree with the text on the tree's trunk and an owl or two in the branches of the actual tree. You may even want to create one in the shape of a nest with a mommy and baby owl inside. This is a great gender-neutral theme, or you can make the baby owl pink or blue to reveal the gender to your guests!

If Mommy is expecting multiples, feel free to put more than one baby owl on the branch next to Mom. . You may want to incorporate some of the word play in the invitation's text. Things like "You'll never believe Hoooo's coming soon" or "Guess Whoooo's Expecting," will all fit nicely with an owl baby shower theme.

A quick and easy invitation option is to buy your invites online. Many online retailers sell either fully customized invites with all of the shower information printed on the theme or invitation you choose or fill-in invitations where you simply add all the details prior to sending them to guests. The fill-in baby shower invitations shown in the photograph to the right are available from All About Gifts & Baskets.

Owl Baby Shower Tableware & Decorations

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

There are so many fun ways to decorate for this theme. As you did with the invitations, you may want to stick with the natural colors or colors that match your tableware pattern for the decorations. In fact, you may want to stay as natural as possible, incorporating some of your cartoon owl images where you can.

One great decorative idea is to use tree branches, instead of flowers, as your table centerpiece. Place them in a vase, just as you would fresh flowers, and you've achieved a perfect owl home inside. You could also create a paper tree on the wall, then hang your name tags from the branches. As each guest comes in, she can sign the guestbook, then grab her name tag from the tree. This would be extra cute if you cut the name tags in the shape of leaves.

Another idea is to make a nest of streamers in the right colors, then place an owl mylar balloon in the middle. If you want to get really creative, find a smaller owl mylar balloon to place next to it so Mommy and baby can sit in your "nest" together. You could also make a mobile in the shape of a tree. Owl cutouts can sit right on the branches.

For the tableware, you may want to stick with the colors you established in the invitation. Various shades of brown with a hint of pink or blue will look nice, as will darker shades of ivory. There are lots of cute owl decorations and cheap baby shower tableware options available from various online outlets too. From banners and hanging cutouts to great tablecloths and even plates and cups, many of these options will only serve to enhance your theme.

Hanging Felt Owl Decorations

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Photo Courtesy of Southern Belles Charm. Visit their blog for lots of cute ideas and instructions.

Owl Party Food Ideas

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Creative food ideas for this theme are all around you. Instead of a traditional cake design, create a cake in the shape of a tree. Place your owls on the branches. You could also create a cupcake cake, or a cake made from many different cupcakes with one solid design. The tree theme fits really well with this type of cake, but you could also make it into the shape of an owl. You'll probably also be serving snacks, and one perfect snack is owl shaped cake pops. These creatively designed items are simply cake and icing mixed together, then formed into the shape of an owl. You could also bake and make decorated sugar cookies into the shape of an owl.

Photo from Hungry Happenings

Another creative snack idea is owl cupcakes. Start with a chocolate cupcake, then use half an Oreo for the eyes. Place the cream side up. Add a Junior Mint to the center for the pupil. You could even use a Runts banana for the nose. Then just add some icing to the top for ears and feathers, and you have the perfect owl cupcake. See the Youtube video below for step-by-step instructions for creating some cute owl cupcakes.

Consider making haystack no bake cookies, too. They look like tiny nests, and you could put little fondant owls inside. To make them, melt butterscotch chips in a double boiler. Add two cups of chow mein noodles, and stir gently. Remove from heat, and drop by spoonful onto wax paper, arranging then into a nest shape as you go. Let them cool until they're set.

Owl Baby Shower Cake Ideas

How To Make Owl Cupcakes - Easy & Adorable!!

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Legend has it that owls are very wise, and playing off that theme during your games is a great way to make sure everyone is having fun. Consider having each person write down a bit of advice for the mother-to-be as they come through the door. As an ice-breaker, these tidbits could be read aloud.

Another fun game to play is "Guess Whoooo's the Baby." Have each guest bring a picture of herself as a baby. Number them, then post them for everyone can see. Have your guests try to figure out which picture belongs with which guest.

You could also play "Who Are You?" Blindfold the guest of honor, then have another guest say "Who." See if Mommy-to-be can guess who is speaking. Then blindfold that guest and see if they can guess "who" the caller is.

Finally, you can find owl-themed printable baby shower games online. Simply buy, click and play.

Owl Baby Shower Favors

There are some clever baby shower favor ideas that you can have your guests to take home with them. Consider creating an owl face on the front of a Mason jar. Felt eyes and a nose along with some feathers at the top should do it. Fill the jar with treats like chocolate covered pretzels, peanuts, or even brown M & M's. Clear baby bottles would work just as well.

Another option is to offer a natural treat to take home like homemade granola. Give guests a small bag to fill from the flavor options on the table, then they can select what they like best. Just be sure to give the bag a design that works well with your theme.

Owl Baby Shower Gifts

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Tie the owl theme into the unique baby shower gifts with some of these fun ideas. Consider giving books. It could help them become as wise as that old owl. There are even many great children's stories that incorporate an owl, including Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and The Sleepy Owl by Martin Pfister. A stuffed owl makes a great gift, and there are many handcrafted custom choices available at sites like eBay and Etsy.

Another beautiful choice would be a newborn cap that looks like an owl. With large eyes and ears at the top, the new baby will look every inch the theme you worked so hard to create. We even sell little baby owl outfits and personalized baby blankets like the ones shown above.

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