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Peapod Baby Shower – Decorating and Games

Published July 30, 2009        by Kim

The Sweet Pea invitations have been sent and now you can turn your attention to decorating for the upcoming peapod-themed baby shower.Your decorations and party favors can be adjusted to reflect the number of babies on the way – whether it’s a Sweet Pea, Two Peas in a Pod, or Three Peas in a Pod.Craft a peapod balloon display made of the appropriate number of green balloons (helium-filled balloons make the display more fun), then wrap them in green cellophane and tie at each end to resemble a peapod.You can use the same design theme when creating unique centerpieces – simply roll up green washcloths and insert into a peapod-shaped towel tied at both ends.Diaper cakes are always a welcome addition to baby showers – they are a pretty centerpiece, they can be decorated with theme-appropriate gifts, and the diapers inside are a necessity for any new mother!

Baby shower games are a fun way for guests to get to know each other and win a prize for their efforts.A simple game to set up is a jar guessing game - fill a clear glass jar with green jelly beans or green M&M’s and have the shower guests guess how many treats are in the jar; the one closest to the exact amount wins a prize (like sweet-pea scented lotion).Another fun game is to have guests transfer “peas” from a jar into a peapod (made of construction paper) using chopsticks – the person who transfers the most peas in one minute is the winner!

Make sure your guest of honor is in the spotlight with a one-of-a-kind Sweet Pea Corsage.The “queen for a day” can also wear a tiara made of vines and mini handmade peapods.Or decorate her throne with a balloon peapod that includes hanging green streamer “vines”.Your table decorations can include scattered paper peapods with the title “A ‘pea-ce’ of Advice for the New Mom”.Guests should be encouraged to fill in a helpful tidbit regarding parenthood – mom can even read the tips out loud and declare a winner.

By implementing a few of these decorating ideas and adding some of your own creativity, your peapod baby shower is sure to be a success!Check back soon for food and gift ideas that complement your sweet pea theme.

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