Pirate Baby Shower Ideas

Pirate Themed Baby Shower
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AHOY - It's A Boy! Pirate Baby Shower Ideas

Ahoy! There's a baby on board. And you can have fun decorating with a pirate baby shower theme. Go all out and have fun with it. You'll find the guests will love it. Go full costume or just suggest the theme with sugared confections, wall decor, and other pirate themed items. It's up to you how far you want to carry the theme for a jolly good time.

Pirate Baby Shower Invitations

pirate baby shower invitations Pirate Baby Shower Ideas

Start off with the invitations. They'll help set the course. If you like to be crafty and do-it-yourself, you can mail out little pirate ships (dollar store toys) or pirate figurines along with all the shower details.

Alternatively, you can send a cut-out of a ship that you make from cardboard/construction paper and hand-write your invitations.

However if you are like me and pressed for time, you'll also find that many store bought baby boy shower invitations come with a pirate theme. Either way, your guests will know a pirate themed shower is on the horizon.

You can choose from fully customized printed invitations or get a pack of invites with a pirate theme where you simply write in the shower information (like the ones shown to the right).

You can also find fully customized invites online like the one shown here that could easily be adapted for a baby shower. Just use some imagination and creativity to make it uniquely yours! The Mom-to-be will love the thoughtfulness you put into it.

Pirate themed Rice Krispie pops would make great cheap party favors for your guests to take home with them as would little treasure chests full of gold-foiled chocolate coins.

Pirate Baby Shower Tableware

pirate tableware 600x397 Pirate Baby Shower Ideas

Pirate Party Decorations

Ask everyone to come in some kind of pirate garb. You might hand out eye patches and pirate hats at the door. Find them at costume shops. Or you could have a parrot on your shoulder when guests arrive. Make sure you have attire for the mom-to-be as she may have been brought there for a surprise shower. You don't want her to be the only one not in costume. Give out bandanas or fake pirate hooks for hands.

Make a small treasure chest for pirate booty. Ask everyone to bring a small new mommy gift that you can fill the treasure chest with, or fill it yourself with chocolate coins guests can help themselves to. This can be your centerpiece, or you can make a centerpiece out of a big toy pirate ship. Afterwards, the mom-to-be can take the toy home for the baby.

pirate party decorations 600x398 Pirate Baby Shower Ideas

Use construction paper to create smiling skull and crossbones to hang around the party along with tattered flags made from black fabric. You could even use fabric paint to put white scull and crossbones on the flags as well.

A pirate themed baby shower can be really fun and it's one the men won't mind joining in as well. You'll find plenty of resources online, in costume shops, and at thrift stores. There's no shortage of cute pirate decorations that you can easily work into your decor.

Pirate Baby Shower Food

Image by imageraiders on Flickr
Image by imageraiders on Flickr

Have all sorts of pirate-friendly eats. Beef jerky and foods that are easy to eat with your hands are fun. Also have tropical drinks and half coconuts to drink out of (these can be the plastic version or real). Create a desert island with a few palm tree favor boxes (or real palm trees) and a beach complete with a ship's wheel or several buried treasure items.

If you can, fill a baby pool with sand and bury small trinkets for guests to find and take home. These can be wrapped scented candles, small bottles of lotion, or wrapped candies. It will be fun for guests to rummage for treasure.

If you are creative, consider making a pirate themed watermelon boat filled with fresh-fruit or create ships made from hot dogs or open-faced hoagie sandwiches that have a toothpick with a little black flag inserted to make them look like a ship.

Other clever ideas include seaweed pasta - green linguine with a green pesto sauce or hot dog octopuses - cooked hot dogs with the bottom half cut to create 8 legs.

For beverages, how about some red "blood" punch or "frosty ale" which is root beer served in frosty iced beer mugs. The possibilities are endless.


Pirate Themed Cake - Cupcakes - Cake Pops

Your cake can be a full-fledged sailing ship or you can have a bakery make a cute baby pirate out of fondant icing. If you're so inclined, watch Pirates of the Caribbean or have it playing in the background (the one with Johnny Depp).

Anything you can do to add to the ambiance like playing pirate tunes or bringing in stuffed parrot toys will make it that much more authentic. You can buy or make adorable baby pirate cake pops for the shower!


How To Make A Pirate Face Cake

Pirate Themed Baby Shower Gifts & Favors

Pirate Baby Shower Favor

When it comes time for mom to open her gifts, set her up with a dedicated area for her to open her booty. If you've got a big old wooden trunk from your Grandmother, this is the perfect time to set it up and decorate it with a pirate theme. What a great place for guests and Mom to store the loot.

Buy or make a pirate themed diaper cake to serve as both the centerpiece and your baby shower gift. It looks just adorable at the party. When the day is through, send everyone home with some loot of their own. Consider pirate ship cookies that you can purchase online or have decorated at a bakery. Wrap them in pretty cellophane bags or make them into cookie pops by adding sticks to the bottoms.

Either way, you have an adorable baby shower cookie favors. Or consider buying some personalized pirate themed favors like sunscreen or lip balm.


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