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Planning a Baby Blocks Themed Shower

Published September 22, 2009        by Kim

Almost every child has a fond memory of playing with blocks - either stacking them up and knocking them down or spelling out words with them.  So a baby shower with a blocks theme seems like a fitting choice for nearly any mother-to-be!  From invitations to decorating to food and the cake, it will be fun to create your blocks baby shower!

There are a number of invitation styles that will work well with your theme, you can choose a custom baby shower invitation as shown above or make your own invitations from scratch.  Simply cut pieces of construction paper twice as long as they are wide, then fold in half and decorate to look like a block.  Or use photo shop software to arrange the wording of your invitation across a row or stack of baby blocks.  You can even sketch out your own stack of blocks, then scan it into a computer or copy it onto multiple invitations!

Something you may want to include on your invitation is to ask each guest to wrap their gift in a block-shaped box.  Then you can creatively stack the gifts to create a fun "block" display!  You can also find square plates or block-shaped streamers to decorate your guest tables - which will be square of course!

Find a large box and fill it with block-themed baby gifts such as a baby blanket with block-themed fabric, a set of blocks for when baby gets older or a personalized baby blocks photo frame.  You can also find block-themed gift wrap to tie everything together.

We'll explore even more block themed ideas - including food, favors and decorating - in the coming days.

Need more inspiration? Try this post on hosting a Baby Blocks Themed Shower.

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