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Popular Coffee Houses in the U.S.

Published January 24, 2012        by Sarah

Image by ♣anna on FlickrIf you drink coffee, you’ve probably got a favorite kind, way to drink it, and cup to drink it in. And you probably have a penchant for a certain coffee house, with their particular blends, drinks, mugs, atmosphere or even their coffee gift baskets! There are so many coffee shops in the U.S. but coffee drinkers are usually loyal to just a few. Depending on where you live, you may prefer a local coffee shop near your house where you know everyone seated around you or you may choose to frequent a larger chain that allows you to be a silent visitor in the crowd.

Some of the most popular coffee houses in the U.S. are known for their ambiance, their free Wi-Fi, and their especially delicious coffee. You can go and sit for the price of a cup of coffee for the whole day if you like.

Starbucks leads the pack with a whopping 8,000 coffee houses around the United States alone. The coffee giant offers a funky atmosphere and every kind of coffee drink you could ever hope to concoct. The Seattle-based company has been producing coffee that America loves for close to 40 years. They started out as one tiny coffee shop. You can visit the original location in Seattle, as it’s still open. It’s small and dark and nothing like what you would expect a coffee King to have started out from.

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, you’ll know Dunkin Donuts. They have 6,400 locations in the U.S. and more across the world. They are known for the coffee that “America runs on.” They have six or seven locations often in just a small city.

Image by Symic on FlickrThe coffee house that comes in as third, according to popular opinion, is Caribou Coffee. They have 322 coffee houses. This number seems dwarfed by the huge number of Starbucks around. But it’s still a respectable number. Caribou has built its brand on being eco-friendly. They offer coffee that is in keeping with the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade. Their coffee houses have a welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to stay all day.

Coffee houses have changed the way that America drinks their coffee. Now everyone gathers to work on their laptops, catch up with friends, read, or just relax. Before there were national coffee houses, people sat in diners or privately owned restaurants.

It’s hard to imagine America without its coffee houses. They’ve become such a fixture. They’re where we stop for our morning coffee before work, where we head to at lunch time, and where we stop in during the evening for a cool pick me up from a couple simple coffee scoops.

Coffee lovers may have different thoughts on which brand of coffee is best, but all agree that the coffee house is the place to be yourself. Whether it’s catching up on college homework or writing a report for work, Americans can’t survive without their lattes and laptops. Mobile technology has had to be invented to keep up with America’s demand to work at coffee shops and away from home.

Coffee is now being touted as a beneficial addition to any healthy diet. But even if it weren’t, there’s no stopping the army of coffee drinkers who storm coffee houses daily for their fix of life-giving caffeine. Take it away and what would America run on? It might be a scary scene!

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