The Coolest Preschool Graduation Gift Ideas from Grandparents

preschool gift for grandkids

First and foremost, kids love gifts. Just the word “gift” can make them squeal. They also love to play, create fun art projects, and eat candy. That pretty much sums up what being a kid is. So if your grandson or granddaughter has made the big leap and is graduating from preschool, here are some preschool graduation gift ideas:

  • Practical Gifts: Ice cream bowl, Piggy bank, Lunch boxes, Backpacks, Kid's watches
  • Artsy Gift Baskets: Painting set, Crayola kids fun box, Play dough
  • Fun Gift Baskets: Magic kit, Science kit, Spy kit, Movie tickets
  • Giftcards: Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Kid’s museum
  • Candy: Chocolate gift box, assorted gummies gift box
  • Lego sets: Small Lego, large Lego, themed Lego
  • Theme park seasonal pass: Water parks, local inexpensive theme parks

Practical Gifts

When you’re looking for a practical gift, don’t think bed sheets or pillow cases. Practical gifts should conjure up something fun. Think ice cream bowl, piggy bank, lunch boxes. What’s their favorite movie? Who’s their favorite cartoon character? That’s what your lunch box theme should be. Tie practical gifts into their favorite movie. Make it personal, too, by having their name on it. Kids love to feel like an adult, so another perfect practical gift? A kid's watch. Here's the perfect opportunity to teach them how to tell time.

Personalized Lunch Bag

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Artsy Gift Baskets

Artsy gift baskets make great preschool graduation gift ideas from grandparents. You can get an assortment of Crayola crayons or a fun DIY jewelry set. Kids love to paint so a watercolor set would be fun. A gift basket with different color play dough will entertain them for hours. The beauty of an artsy gift basket is it can teach your kid how to be creative and how to develop their artistic skills. Any kit that lets them draw, color, or paint allows them to exercise and develop their nonverbal, intuitive right side of the brain.

The Big Fun Kids Activity & Treats Box

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Fun Gift Baskets

Turn them into little magicians, scientists, or detectives with gifts like magic kits, science kits, and spy kits. Kits where they can discover something are a blast for both boys and girls. Gift baskets like these provide layers of fun because they can build intricate games around them. Spy kits come with pretty nice gadgets like spy glasses, walkie talkies, and pens with invisible ink. Science kits teach the basis of chemistry with fun experiments that inspire scientific thinking. These children gift baskets for preschoolers make original preschool graduation gift ideas. While science kits teach, a magic kit screams fun. Kids get to learn how to make handkerchiefs disappear and play with magic wands. Magic kits may teach them a little bit of real magic, too.

Kids Activity Basket

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Gift cards

gift cards for babies
By preschool, kids have usually figured out places they wish to visit over and over again. Anything that sells donuts, candy, or ice cream probably tops their list. Gift cards to places like Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Mrs. Fields, or Cold Creamery make scrumptious preschool graduation gift ideas. Free ice cream for three months? Of course they’ll love it. One of our favorites, though, is a giftcard to a kid's museum. Kid's museum are one of the best inventions for kids. It's a tactile museum where they get to learn and play for hours. They get to climb, build, touch animals, learn about nature, learn about science, and run around until they're exhausted. It doesn't get any better than that.


Being a kid means eating candy, and kids will fall in love with any gift that involves candy. Finding out their favorite candy is key, of course. Then stuff the basket with oodles and oodles of similar choices. Or make a nice variety pack, which gives them a chance to try different types: hard candy, chewy candy, chocolates, candy canes, and more. Different colors and different shapes are key to creating a great candy selection. It'll be Halloween all over again.

Team Superhero Candy Gift Box

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Lego sets

preschool graduation gifts for grandkids
Lego sets top everyone's list because it’s a simple concept that provides tons of fun. It’s also educational as it teaches kids the fundamentals of building and design. Themed-Lego sets make ideal preschool graduation gift ideas from grandparents. There’s nothing cooler than building a Star Wars spacecraft from lego or a Ninjago temple. They’re challenging in the best way as they teach patience and concentration. Not to mention they fire up kids' creativity and imagination.

Theme park season pass

preschool graduation gift idea
This doesn’t have to be an expensive theme park. There are fantastic water parks that run just over the summer or smaller, local theme parks that are excellent. A theme park, quite frankly, is a gift that keeps on giving. Your grandchild won’t get to go just once. He or she will get to go all summer or throughout the year.The above are just a few ideas that are sure to please the little guy or gal who has just finished preschool. Get something special, get something artsy, but above all, get something fun.
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