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Printable Baby Shower Games

Published October 21, 2010        by Sarah

Image by clevercupcakes on FlickrThere are lots of free printable games available to play at baby showers. The beauty of the printed game is that you prepare it beforehand and your work is done. All you have to do is sit back and watch as the laughter erupts!

You can access printable games online. Just print and let the fun begin. Make sure you offer fun prizes for contestants who are good sports. One site that is especially chock-full of excellent printable baby shower games is Check it out to print a few or lots.


A classic game of bingo is always fun. You can print Bingo cards online and use baby-themed tokens like mini baby confetti or mini baby bottle charms to use as markers.

Nursery Rhyme Fill Ins

Guests are given a sheet with parts of nursery rhymes printed on it and asked to fill in the rest of each verse. The winner is the one with the most correct answers.

Things in Mommy’s Purse

This game is especially fun if you have women who love big purses. The sheet includes lists of things that could be in a lady’s purse. As women look through their bags, they can check off any items that they’ve got. It’s fun to see who has brought the most in their purse!

Celebrity Moms and Dads

This matching game will tell you who’s in the know when it comes to the stars. The sheet asks you to match the celebrity with the name of their children.

Animal Babies Match

This game asks guests to tap into their knowledge of the animal kingdom. Can they match the adult animal with the name of its young? It’s harder than you think.

And Mommy Wore

How good are your guests’ skills of observation? Have the new mom to be leave the room. Hand out these sheets and ask guests questions about her appearance. The one who has noticed the most wins.

Baby’s Beautiful Reflection

Everyone wants their best traits passed on to their baby. This hysterical game has traits listed. Everyone marks down whether they think the baby will get that trait from their mom or dad.

Back in the Day

This game asks guests to match famous TV parents with their on-screen offspring. It’s funny to see just how many guests can accurately remember.

Image by basykes on FlickrEverything Baby A-Z

This game has guests racing to be the first to name 26 things that relate to baby—one for every letter of the alphabet.

In addition to these online printables, you can print your own games using your own computer. Tailor your games to the mom to be. If you’re having a co-ed baby shower, include the names of both parents. You can invite people to give their advice to the new parents by offering a decorated card to write their pearls of wisdom on.

Using any kind of program you have, such as Microsoft Word, you can create hilarious game sheets. Make up games using the name, likes and dislikes of the mom to be. If you know what the baby is going to be named, you can design a game around it. Use colors or animals that the mom has chosen for the nursery theme as part of your game. And the more you get everyone involved, the more fun it will be.

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