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Promote Your Company Using Maple Ridge Farms Food Gifts

Published September 16, 2013        by Sarah

Cookie & Brownie TowerCorporate gift baskets have a variety of purposes and meanings attached; not only are they meant to thank or acknowledge an individual or team, they are reflective of the giver as well.  They can signal the security and status of the giving corporation, as well as be indicative of its taste and sense of quality.  It seems like a lot to ask of a fruit basket or a box of chocolate!  But no gift is simply a gift; while they are meant to be enjoyed, nearly every corporate gift is designed to say as much about the giver as the receiver.  What do your gifts say about you?  If you send Maple Ridge Farms gifts, they say a lot.

Not only does the Maple Ridge Farms line have a superb selection of gifts ranging from gorgeous gourmet gift towers fit for the best office parties to holiday hams and delicious applewood smoked turkeys, they offer the opportunity for you to promote your business in an elegant and effective way.

If you do not promote your business via gifts, it is a wasted opportunity to build name and brand recognition.  At the same time, though, no one wants to receive a thinly disguised ad as a gift.  The key to promoting your business through gifts is subtlety and understated elegance.  Instead of plastering your name and logo across every available surface, so your gift ends up looking like a NASCAR contender, a simple touch is really all that is needed.  Your recipient will appreciate the gesture – and the fact that you sent a real gift that has value for them, and not just for your marketing efforts.

Wooden Collector's Box Logo GiftHow do Maple Ridge Farms gifts help you do this effectively and elegantly?  As you browse through our incredible selection of Maple Ridge Farms products, you will see a notation in the product descriptions labeled “imprint area.”  On the Majestic Home-Style Cookie & Brownie Tower, for instance, the imprint area is 3 inches x ¾ inches.  This is the space on which you can have your name and/or logo printed.  On a multi-tiered gourmet tower of treats, 3 inches is not much space – but it is enough space for you to add your brand in a sophisticated way.

Giving these type of gifts helps to ensure that your logo is imprinted in an aesthetically pleasing way.  With the Cookie & Brownie Tower, your logo is printed on a beautiful burgundy ribbon.  If you choose a ham, it is accompanied by a black walnut and maple cutting board with your logo imprinted on it.  Your logo can be imprinted on the cutting board or box that will accompany the item.

No matter what material your logo is imprinted on, it will be a lovely final touch to the gift you have ordered.

Browse our website for more information on ordering products and imprinting your business logo. Maple Ridge Farms is one of the leading providers of gift foods in the world, and their reputation for excellence will lend your gifts the same exceptional quality.  Give the best; give Maple Ridge Farms.

1 thought on “Promote Your Company Using Maple Ridge Farms Food Gifts”

  1. Great to find an article that doesn't champion plastering your logo everywhere.

    It's about the gift and your logo just needs to subtly inform them who it's from rather than shove the company down their throat.

    Great quality gifts, it's making me hungry just looking at the pictures!

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