Puppy Dog Baby Shower Ideas

puppy dog baby shower ideas

puppy dog baby shower ideas

There are few things cuter than an adorable puppy dog face, except perhaps an adorable baby. Why not combine the two concepts with a puppy dog baby shower? Whether Mommy-to-be loves dogs, that's the theme for the nursery, or you just think it might be the way to go for her baby shower, this theme presents you with so many different opportunities.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started planning the best puppy baby shower ever!

Puppy Shower Invitations

puppy dog baby shower invitations

Any good baby shower invitation helps prepare guests for the upcoming theme, and from great shapes to textures to unconventional ideas, you can fit the puppy dog theme in well as you invite guests to join you.

One good way to do that is to shape your invitations like little paw prints. Just place your text on the main pad of the paw!

Alternately, consider adding a little fur to your invitations. You can print your invitation on traditional card stock, then add a picture of a cute puppy dog to it. Use fake fur, available in most craft stores, to help accent the puppy.

If Mommy-to-be is a dog lover, you have one more invitation option. With a friend or family member's help, find a picture of her with her dogs. Use that as the front of your invitation, and in postcard style, guests can flip to the back of the invitation to get the details on her baby shower.

Puppy Dog Themed Decorations/Tableware

Your shower will be as cute as can be if it looks like puppy has been there. Stick with browns and blues for this theme, unless you know the shower is for a little girl. Then incorporate pink with those brown colors. Start with a white tablecloth and a puppy paw print stamp. Make it look just like puppy has been all over that tablecloth with his paws for a cute effect. Not sure you want to go that route? Consider using a fake fur on the table cloth instead. It will have an adorable texture guests will love. Additionally, you could place fake fur on the chairs or other furniture pieces as well for a great accent.

One cute baby shower tableware idea is to use pet-style water dishes or food bowls for your plates. Many companies these days make disposable pet dishes that will delight both your guests and the Mommy-to-be. If you want to get really creative, omit the cutlery from this party. Guests can eat with their hands, or their mouths!

Puppy Shower Food Ideas

Puppy Shower Food Ideas

Hot dogs are a natural choice for a puppy dog themed party, but there are lots of other ideas too. You can serve Bonz fruit flavored candy to your guests, or you could simply shape some sugar cookies as dog bones or buy a cookie cutter to make dog cookies that you ice like different dog breeds.

Image by Creative-Party-Themes.com

Alternately, you could make "puppy chow." Just combine 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips with 1 cup of peanut butter and a teaspoon of vanilla. Place the mixture in the microwave for thirty seconds or until the chocolate chips are melted. Pour the mixture over 9 cups of Chex Rice Cereal. Stir well. Add two cups of powdered sugar to coat, and you have "puppy chow." Be sure to serve your snacks in cheap plastic dog bowls like the ones shown in the photo.

For the cake, you could purchase a puppy cake pan or one in the shape of a dog bone. Both are widely available at craft stores and online. If you take things one step further, though, you could make your own puppy face. Just bake a round cake and two cupcakes. Use the round cake for the puppy's face, then the two cupcakes for his ears. Frost them together, and you'll have a lovable, delicious puppy no one can resist.

Make Adorable Cupcakes!

Baby Shower Game IdeasBaby Shower Bingo

Your guests will certainly be ready for a bit of fun, and these games can help make sure everyone has a barking good time. Start with a fire hydrant game. Just paint a two liter bottle to look like a fire hydrant. Fill it with lots of treats like candy or other little goodies. As guests come through the door, ask them how many treats they think are inside. The guest who guesses correctly wins the fire hydrant.

You could also test your guests' knowledge a bit about famous puppies. Before the shower, print pictures of some of the most famous dogs. Consider dogs like Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Presidential Pooches, and even Balto. The guest who can get the most correct answers wins. They'll love these fun baby shower games!

Puppy Baby Shower Favors

Every puppy needs to be groomed, and that may make the ideal gift for your guests too. Build a little grooming kit for them. Include nail files, manicure tools, lip balm, bubble bath, or even a facial mask. Guests can treat themselves to a grooming session at home.

Remember the old rhyme "Little boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails"? It leads to an ideal favor for guests if a little boy is on the way. Fill a mason jar with most of the ingredients for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. On the outside of the jar, print the recipe for the cookies as well as the old rhyme to help illustrate your theme.

Alternatively, you can purchase puppy themed baby shower party favors online like the ones shown below. Best of all, they will coordinate with all the other tableware on this lens.

Puppy Dog Shower Gift Ideas

Puppy Dog Shower Gift Ideas

Towels are always a must for new babies, and there are a number of hooded bath towels designed with little puppy dog faces that will make great gifts for the new baby. Another good choice for a gift is go build the baby a custom plush puppy. Stores like Build-A-Bear and the Noah's Ark Animal Workshop offer customized designs that you can create just for the new little one. You can even add an outfit to the package.

Gifts aren't just for the baby-to-be, though. Don't forget about Mommy. You may want to give her a "grooming" session of her own at the local spa after the baby gets here. A gift certificate is the perfect way to make her feel appreciated after so much hard work in the newborn arena.

The unique baby shower gifts shown above are available on our site. We have tons of puppy themed gifts so just search for "puppy" or "dog" on our website.

Cute Gift & Centerpiece Ideas

Cute Gift & Centerpiece Ideas

These images show why I love using diaper cakes as a shower centerpiece. They are just SO cute and practical too!

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