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Searching for a Babysitter

Published January 19, 2010        by Kim

Finding a Great Babysitter

When we moved to our new home 5 years ago, the last thought on our mind was finding a new babysitter for our 2 year old son.  But once the dust settled and we had unpacked enough to feel comfortable, my husband and I were yearning for a night out to explore our new town and take a break from the stresses of relocating with a toddler.  Since we had no friends in the area we didn't know how to even start searching for a babysitter, but luckily our daycare provider pointed us in the right direction.  In case you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few suggestions when you are searching for a babysitter:

1)  Check with the local schools - whether it's high school, community college or a university, ask if they have a Community Relations department and see if they have any recommendations for you.  Speak to the Community Education Department of your local school district and see if they offer babysitting classes.  If they do, some departments will keep a list of students who have passed this course and will give out names and numbers.

2)  Ask your neighbors - if you haven't already, this is a great reason to get to know your neighbors.  They may recommend their babysitter, they may have a child of babysitting age, or they may be willing to babysit themselves!  Maybe you can strike up a deal with your neighbor to trade off babysitting services so you can both enjoy some "adult time" now and then.

3)  Contact your local church - speak to the youth group adviser or religious education leader and ask who they would recommend.

4)  Place an ad in the local paper or on a local website such as Craigslist - although this option may produce numerous results, the responses will be quite varied.  Be sure to screen the applicants carefully and check references before hiring someone.

Once you've found a few potential babysitters, the next step will be to interview and even give them a "trial run".  We'll discuss this more in my next post.

Once you've found an amazing babysitter, don't forget to show your appreciate for him/her with a thank you gift. Caring for your precious cargo is one important job! Make sure they know that you're appreciative.

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