Seven Congratulations Gifts For A New Business Owner 

congratulations gift for a new business owner

Finding the right congratulations gift for a new business owner may be difficult because you might not know precisely what to get them. You want to show them kindness in the form of a gift, but you do not want to give them something that is not useful. The following gifts are perfect for busy business owners and show your excitement over their new small business or venture. Each one of these would be wonderful because you know that the people receiving the gift could really use them. They will thank you profusely, and they will be excited to have a great gift from one of their friends and/or colleagues.

1. Thank You Notes

gift for new business

Making thank you notes that are printed with the business name or their name is a great present because they need good stationery that looks professional. The people who are starting a small business should write kind notes to their first customers. Those customers will be around for ages, and they are the people who will remember these thank you notes years from now.

2. Business Service Subscription

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The business service subscription that you choose should be something like PayPal or another business service the entrepreneur will be using in their day-to-day business. You might give them a year's subscription to an office cleaning service, or you could give them a year's subscription to a simple IT service. Give them something that you know for a fact they will be able to use. This makes it much easier for you to give them something that they can use right away, and they will benefit from it all year instead of just a couple of times.

3. Gift Card to the Post Office, FedEx, or UPS

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The gift card you give could be for any place where your friend does much of their shipping, like the USPS post office, FedEx, or UPS. They are doing a lot of business at a place like this, and a gift card can go a long way when they are trying to send their first few packages. This could also help when they are trying to buy supplies or get prepared for that first wave of packages. You might give them a gift card for more than one place if the entrepreneur is trying to figure out where they want to do business.

4. Headphones for Working in Busy Spaces

best gifts for new business owner

Headphones are helpful for working in loud places like Starbucks. These places are loud enough that you might need some nice noise-canceling headphones, and that is why you have to be very thoughtful about the fact that you have given headphones with these amenities. This could be a lifesaver for someone who needs quiet.

You will be very happy with how you have made these choices, and you will feel much more confident in the gift if you know that they like to work in a place like that. You might even get a special cup from Starbucks that comes with free coffee or tea for a certain period of time to double down on this gift.

5. Cables

best gifts for new entrepreneur

Cables for their phone or tablet are just as important as any other small present that you give because they can be used on any device, and they will keep your friend going while they are trying to make progress with their business. Better cables will hold up for longer, and you might give them a nice set that they have always needed. This is a fairly simple thing for you to do, and it provides your friends with a simple resource that they will use every day that is still small and doesn't take up a lot of space.

This is a little expense that a lot of people do not want to waste money on, but you can get it for them so that they have what they actually need. You could do the same for headphones they use that have a removable jack, or you could get them a cable for something that recharges batteries. This might be important if they are a photographer or videographer who is always going through batteries. 

6. Portable Power Source

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Portable power sources are good gifts because they tend to be expensive, but they are also very helpful for people who want to work on the road. You might have that friend who is trying to work on their photographs in the out of doors, or you might have someone who is a writer who always needs to be plugged in. You can give these people the exact help that they need by providing them with a nice power source.

The portable style is usually rated to be used with a particular sort of device, and you must know what sort of devices they use before you dive in and buy this device. You also need to check out ratings on these devices because you might find one that can power multiple units instead of one that is made for a single camera, computer, or mobile device.

7. A Certificate for a Place Where They Like to Eat

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The place where someone likes to eat has to be very obvious. This person likely eats there all the time, and they probably get a lot of work done there because they are happy to use the wifi and get to work on ideas they have during the day. A gift certificate to a place like this helps them when they take all those trips to a place like this, and you will find that they can splurge on themselves once or twice so that they can have fun while they are in that place they love to eat in so much.

You might even want to get them a special certificate from their favorite location that was actually given to you by the manager. This can be very powerful because they will get even better customer service or a special gift when they go into the restaurant the next time.


We hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for the friend and entrepreneur in your life. Consider all these gifts carefully because there is one that you know will be perfect for the person you know who just opened their own business. 

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