Should I Give My Employees a Christmas Gift?

employee christmas gift

Every business owner may be wondering "Should I give my employees a Christmas gift?" during this season. Generally, you should consider giving a Christmas gift to your employee if you can afford to give a similar gift to all your employees, the gift is genuine enough that your employees will be grateful for it and it is appropriate for the gift receivers.

Use our tips below to get the best gifts for your staff. Each step in the process gives you a few ideas that you could use to gift everyone. This should be a joyful and fun time of year, and you can make someone's season when you get them the right gift to show your appreciation for their hard work.

1. You Should Give a Gift to All Your Employees

employee holiday gift

Why Everyone and Not Just One Person? 

You cannot give Christmas gifts to just one person in your office because you will create a sense of favoritism that their coworkers in your office cannot ignore. It is very important that you have looked at what you can give to everyone that will make them happy. You do not want to make the gift a secret because that could make giving a gift to one person even worse. It is best if you plan to give gifts to all every coworker as equally as you can. 

Is Giving Gifts to Just a Few Okay? 

You cannot give gifts to just a few people over the holiday season because people will notice if they are among the group that did not get a gift this year. It might seem arbitrary if you are giving only a few people a gift, or you might give people the impression that they are being given gifts because of their performance. It is better if you give everyone a gift so that there is no confusion. 


2. The Gifts Should Be Genuine 

should I get my employees a christmas gift

Gifts that you give should be genuine if you are trying to make everyone happy this time of year. There are many people who can tell if you are not giving a genuine present, and that is something that will turn them off. This could impact their productivity and commitment to the company.

Be thoughtful about the gift you give them and match it to their tastes, personality, or some important part of your team that will make them feel good. For example, if you are getting a gift unique to each employee, you may give someone who loves cinema a movie night gift basket. If you're picking a single gift for the whole team,

You Must Give a Gift of the Appropriate Value 

The gifts that you give should be of an appropriate value. You do not want to give people a gift that is so expensive they almost feel like they should not receive it, and you do not want to give people a gift that is so cheap they can tell that you did not put any money behind it. You are trying to strike a balance with the value of the gift and the style of the gift.

There are many people who are going to want to give extravagant gifts, but they need to think of the message that sends. Getting cheaper gifts sends the opposite message, and you need to land in the middle if possible. 


3. The Gift Should Be Appropriate

should I get my employees a holiday gift

Are the Gifts Appropriate? 

Giving inappropriate gifts is something that gets many people run out of their offices or companies. You would never give lingerie to women in the office, and you should not give employees things like gym memberships.

You want to give people things they can use instantly, and you might prefer to give a gift card because you know everyone could use one. There is no work required, and the staff can use these gifts instantly. The same is true of gift and food baskets. Clothing and practical items are also easy to use or even wear or bring to the office. 

Do Not Make the Employees Work for Their Gift 

You should not give employees a hotel room in the Napa Valley without tickets to get there. You cannot give employees tickets to a Broadway show if you are not in New York, and you cannot give people something like a rental car voucher because they have to figure out how to pick it up. You need to find gifts that you know you can give to your staff and they will use right then and there if they want. 


4. What Else Should You Consider? 

employee gift giving tips

Would Everyone Feel Good About These Gifts? 

When you start giving out these gifts, you need to decide if all the people in your office or business would be pleased to hear about the gifts that you have given. It is possible that you might give something that certain people would not find appropriate. You need to be sure your boss would be happy with these gifts, and you might even run the gifts by your boss before purchasing.

Do The Gifts Follow HR Rules? 

Make sure that your gifts follow the rules that are laid out for the company. You might have some rules to consider, and you have to be sure that you have chosen gifts that you know might fall within the price range that has been set out by company policy. 

No Illegal Gifts 

You cannot give out any kind of gift that is illegal or could be considered objectionable. You would never give something like edibles or marijuana to people on your staff, and you should not give things like guns and knives to your staff. This would be seen as something that is simply too over the top, and you could easily get fired for giving gifts like this. 


5. What About Cash? 

employee christmas gift guidelines

Cash is something that could give to your staff, but it does not feel all that genuine. A cash bonus only works if you know that a specific person would like to have money in their pocket because of the situation they are in or the trip they are taking when they are out of town for the holidays. If you do not have a reason like this to give money, you need to use that cash to buy a gift for your staff that they will actually enjoy. 


Your staff  will appreciate the gifts that you have given when you have taken the time to purchase something that is appropriate and useful. You should not go outside the bounds of what an appropriate gift is, and the gift should feel as genuine as possible. Run the gift by your boss, and make sure everyone gets a gift this holiday season.

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