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Simply Amazing Duck Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Published March 02, 2010        by Kim

These cakes look so good I can almost taste them! After weeding through hundreds of designs, the duck themed cakes shown below are some of my favorites!  Made with a variety of decorating techniques and multiple levels of difficulty, you're sure to find one to use at your next duckie baby shower.  Photo credit to

duckcakes1 Simply Amazing Duck Themed Baby Shower Cakes

The first cake shown in this collage is a 3D creation shared by TimScott.  The cake was made by baking 2 duck-shaped cakes, standing them up and sticking them together with icing.  The yellow "fuzz" was made with a decorator tip and yellow buttercreme.  His eyes are made of candy and his beak is orange fondant.  The cutest part of this cake is the way it was displayed.  The decorator used a silver galvanized tub with a blue base, and then scattered marshmallows throughout the tub to simulate bubbles.  I would feel confident recreating this cake, although the beak may get a bit tricky (fondant can be hard to work with) so I would just frost it with buttercreme.  The "mama and babies" tiered design on the right is a fun combination of cake and cupcakes.  Each cupcake has a simple layer of white icing with a miniature rubber duck favor on top.  The mama duck is a single layer cake, covered in fondant with a cupcake head.  Although this particular cake is for a birthday, it would be perfect for a baby shower also!  This cake can be found at Jellycakes flickr site.  The final cake pictured above is a masterpiece of decorating.  It is covered in smooth fondant with intricate edible designs including a clothesline, washtub, and the duck on top!  The stunning and finely detailed cake was displayed by rsvpcakes and it is so beautiful I would hate to cut into it!

duckcakes2 Simply Amazing Duck Themed Baby Shower Cakes

The cute design above left was crafted from two round cakes and a pair of sugar cookies for the webbed feet.  Bit-O-Me explains how to create this cake on her blog.  The cake on the right is another awesome mother and baby design, with a pond base and marshy background.  The mama is a single round cake, covered and fondant with a cupcake head and fondant details.  The babies are smaller cupcakes with molded fondant details, but if I were to reproduce this cake I would simply use toy ducks for the babies.  This flickr cake can be found at teri_caza's page.

duckcakes3 Simply Amazing Duck Themed Baby Shower CakesThe last cake I picked to display is my most favorite!  It is also one that I think could easily be reproduced for your ducky baby shower.  The simple round cake is covered in buttercreme, then accented with green grass at the bottom.  The top was designed with a circular layer of blue fondant, but you could easily ice the "pond" with blue buttercreme instead.  The fishing pole is a simple dowel poked into the cake and wrapped with a piece of string.  The hook is colored icing and the top is finished with four rubber ducks.  This adorable creation is displayed by Leeroy Rokkenrohl.

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