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spa gift certificatesMy aching, aging body enjoys a good therapeutic massage. However, massages are expensive and fall into the "luxury" category of most people’s budgets, including my own. So I don’t treat myself very often.

My adult daughters know this. When I scheduled a cruise on a gorgeous, glitzy ship, they gave me a generous gift certificate for the luxurious spa aboard the boat. I don’t know if I was more excited about the journey or the spa, but the departure date finally arrived and I boarded the liner.

On the third day of the cruise, I scheduled some services in the spa. When I arrived for my appointment, I was given a plush robe and asked to wait in a spacious room overlooking the ocean at the stern of the ship. The view was breathtaking, and as I sat in my comfy chair, I marveled at the fact that I was actually there.

Each treatment room had a picture window so clients had a gorgeous view of the ocean. I felt as if I were in a suspended state away from all my earthly cares as the massage therapist worked on me. Then it was time for my facial. The spa personnel use only the finest therapy oils and creams. In fact, you can only purchase them in the cruise ship spas. I felt like "Queen for a Day" as I received my facial treatment. Then I relaxed some more in the beautiful waiting room and watched the wake behind the ship as we sailed to our destination. I will never forget that experience and I am forever grateful to my daughters for providing it for me.

My daughters were thrilled that I enjoyed my spa experience so immensely. They decided that spa certificates made fantastic gifts. So, they gave me spa gift baskets with gift certificates for various special occasions for use at a luxurious spa not far from my home.

Outside, the facade of the building was made of stunning brick and stone. When I entered the spa, I was in an atrium with a cathedral ceiling and striking beams overhead. A waterfall ran down the side of one of the stone walls. Again, I felt like I was in a special place, far from earth. I was given a comfy warm robe (it was winter) and asked to wait in the beautiful atrium. Each treatment room was well-appointed with a relaxing atmosphere and aroma therapy wafting throughout the space. I enjoyed another wonderful therapeutic massage and facial from therapists who obviously enjoyed their work.

I feel fortunate that I have adult children who care about me enough to give me such wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Through their generosity, I experienced luxury and wonderful spa treatments I could not have provided for myself.

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