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Spongebob Birthday Party Games and Activities

Published February 26, 2010        by Rae Ann

Spongebob Party GameSpongebob is loved by young and old alike!  If you have a fan of Spongebob in your house, considering throwing a Spongebob Squarepants themed birthday party. You can tie the theme into the party favors and even kids birthday gifts.

Below are some fun ideas and activities to ensure a great time for everyone!

Jelly Fish Keep Away: Don't get stung! To make the jelly fish ahead of time, inflate several red and purple balloons then attach a few stands of yarn or streamers to hang down. When it's time to play, toss several of the balloons towards the children. Play music while they tap the balloons back and forth to each other. When the music stops the players who are holding balloons, have been stung. They sit out for one round, but can play again the next round.
TIP: Don't put too many balloons into play, or too many kids will be out.

Mr. Crabs Race: In a large open area (such as the yard) mark start and end points for the race. Kids must get in "crab" position (walking on hands and feet with stomach up). Race individually, or relay style for large groups. Kids "crab walk" feet first to the end point, then backwards, or hands first, to the start point.

Krabby Pattie Relay Race: Divide the kids equally into teams. Before the party, mark a start and finish line for each team. Place a small bucket or other plastic container at each teams' finish line.  Supply each team with one pair of oven mitts, a spatula (flipper) and a bag of hamburger buns - one for each player. The object of the game is to be the first team to successfully carry all of their burger buns to the bucket while wearing the mitts and carrying the bun with the spatula. (You can use bean bags in replace of actual buns.)

SpongeBob Sponge Toss Have a Sponge Toss with wet sponges. On a hot day the kids will really enjoy this activity. Provide a bucket of cold water and large sponges for the kids to toss and catch!

Spongebob Painting Use rectangle kitchen sponges and paint to sponge paint.
Children 5 and up can make Spongebob pictures with yellow paint, brown construction paper, google eyes, glue etc. placed on blue paper. Try one yourself before the party. You may want to pre-cut the pants and accessories.

Bikini Bottom Bubble Painting You'll need bubble solution, blue and green food color, white paper, bubble blowing wands. Add a few drops of food color into the bubble solution containers. Give each child a piece of white paper. Gently blow bubbles towards or onto the white paper. When the bubbles pop, they leave a really cool design on the paper. After the bubble solution dries you may want to add Spongebob character stickers to the paper to create your own Bikini Bottom scene. (Cover your work area to prevent stains!)

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