Sports Birthday Party Ideas

Sports Birthday Party Ideas
Sports Birthday Party Ideas

Choosing a Sports Theme

For the sports fan's birthday, why not throw an extra-special sports birthday party? When you go all out with their favorite sports, they won't soon forget! The fun of a sports themed party is that it works for any age group, any gender, and the ideas are endless! They could be three or 43 and the party still works!

Everyone who loves sports really wants to stay a kid at heart anyway, so the cuter, the better. So without further ado, here are a few ideas to get your sports themed birthday party planning started!

Pumped Up Invites

Sports Birthday Party Ideas

Step up your game

Start with the invites. It's fun to send out a mini football or soccer ball. It costs just a few dollars for a dozen or so sports balls in miniature. Write your party details on the ball itself, or make a tag and attach it to the ball with ribbon.

Send it in a box or a big envelope. It may cost a little more in postage, but it's a fun little surprise that will get everyone in the mood for your sports party. Want to extend your theme? Ask guests to bring sports-themed birthday gifts!

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More Invitation Ideas

Sports Birthday Party Ideas

Take The Field

Er, Venue. Book The Venue.

Next, the planning of your area. If you have an outside area, you're in luck. You can plan for some sports games outdoors. Even if the party will be mostly indoors, if there is an area where guests can come outdoors for a little kickball or football, it will add a very nice touch to your party theme.

Check Out This Place! Somewhere to Host

This place has all kinds of activities for kids to do while at a birthday party. Check out the video and if you want more details, their site is - Note: They're all over Canada.

Drop the Puck

Get the Party Started

Games can be as simple as a friendly soccer tournament or a game of tag football. Make it appropriate to the age level. Toddlers and preschoolers can still get into the action, just don't expect them to play by rules or stick to a strict game. They'll probably just run around, so let them enjoy. If you have older kids at the party, you can offer a sports gift basket or little prizes to the winning team like whistles or sports pens or other small toys.

If you're going with a golf theme, then try searching for golf wedding favors, it'll come up with all kinds of neat stuff that you could use for neat party favors!

Get Clever With Dessert

Post-Game Grub

Belly Up for Treats

The cake can be a giant soccer ball or football. Have a bakery decorate it for you, or make it yourself. Use little plastic men to make a soccer game right on top of the cake. Frost a sheet cake with green icing for the grass and get little soccer guys and a mini soccer ball at the dollar store or in the cake aisle at a craft store. You can do the same thing with football, ice hockey or any sport your birthday child likes. After dessert is their favorite part, opening the all the kids birthday gifts!

Decor on the Floor

Carrying Out Your Theme

Sports Birthday Party Ideas

If you want to get really creative, you can always incorporate sports into the table display by having a few game balls serve as the centerpiece. Make this your own and really go wild!

Stamp footballs, basketballs, soccer balls or bats on the tablecloth with big rubber stamps or buy a sports themed paper tablecloth. There are many different ways to do this, so get creative!

You can have cookies decorated to look like sports game tickets or score cards. Use the table to become your play field after your lunch or cake. Use masking tape to section it off as your court of choice and get creative!

Picking a Sport

Aw, Ma! Do I have to?

You can center a sports birthday party around just about any sport like mini golf, regular golf, croquet, horseshoes, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, or tennis. Just use your imagination. It's fun to use the sport your child likes best, but you can also incorporate other sports that seem like they'd be fun for the guests to play.

Get several sets of mini golf clubs and balls at a toy or sports store for a few dollars and let everyone play. Or pick up used sports equipment at a thrift store so you can get little groups of games going. Everyone can switch when their match is over. It'll be lots of fun for everyone.

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