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Sports Themed Baby Shower Games

Published February 28, 2012        by Sarah

Every baby shower needs fun and interesting games that guests will remember for a long time to come. If you are giving a sports baby shower you want the games to be sports themed as well. Here are some great games to play at a baby shower.

Sports trivia game – you can search online for the most famous people in the sport that the mommy-to-be likes the most. Have a place at the shower to host the game. You can have four players on each side and you stand in the middle asking the questions. You will need a chalkboard or white board to help you keep track of the points. The team who answers the most questions correctly wins. You can find several trivia games online to use if you have trouble finding the questions your self.

If you can have your baby shower outdoors then you can have a football toss. Set up the back yard with hula-hoops that can hang from a large branch of a tree. Draw a line that players will toss from. Have each guest toss the balls aiming through the hoops. The person who successfully makes it through the hoops wins the prize.

Volleyball with a water balloon can be fun for everyone who participates. If you want to have a barrel of laughs at your sports themed baby shower then try the game of volleyball with a water balloon. To begin, you will need two different teams on each side of the net. Choose two players on each team to hold up a beach towel. Place a water balloon on the towel of the team who will go first. Have that team toss the water balloon over the net using their towel and aim for the balloon to land in the opponents towel. The team that does not pop their balloon wins the prize.

Basketball indoors or outdoors – Buy or find a Fisher Price indoor basketball hoop. You can give this to the mommy when the baby shower is over.  Divide guests into two teams. Have each team player throw the ball and aim for the basket for a total of one minute. Count every basket they make. The winning team is determined by the team who has the largest number of baskets made.

Party favors can vary so look for sports themed baby shower favors to pass out. You can buy bottles of bubbles that have a basketball or soccer theme to them. These can be found in the kids aisle of any store and do not cost a lot. You can purchase sports ball shaped bubble gum dispenser as well.

You can also play traditional baby shower games as well. Sports themed baby shower games can get expensive if you are not careful so make sure that you determine your budget before you begin. Sticking to a budget will help you successfully create a baby shower that you know she will love and will remember forever.

Everyone who attended the sports themed baby shower will walk away with many good memories and the mommy-to-be will be so happy that you took the time throw her a baby shower that means a lot to her.

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