Sports Themed Baby Shower

Sports Themed Cake
Image Credit: Cakes We Bake
Sports Themed Baby Shower
Image by carrienelson on Flickr
Sports Themed Baby Shower

Throw The Best Sports Baby Shower Ever!

If the Dad-to-be is a sports enthusiast and a bouncing baby boy is on the way, a sports themed baby shower is the obvious choice. You can either choose the family's favorite activity or just do a generic theme that incorporates a wide range of sports such as baseball, basketball, football and soccer.

I love this shower theme especially for couples showers or if you know that Mom will be decorating the nursery in a similar theme.

Score a touchdown, home run and a hole in one with these fun theme shower ideas! I've covered everything from the invitations, to the food and cake to the guest party favors in this post. So huddle up your helpers and get to planning the best baby shower ever!

Baby Shower Invitations

Many online and local retailers sell sports themed baby shower invitations that are appropriate for both baby showers and even birthday parties for the little sport. You can find invitations that incorporate all the balls or you can find invites for individual ones such as baseball. Tailor the invites to match the interests of the parents and the rest of your party theme. Packs of 8 or 16 invitations normally run about $5 to $10.

Save a little money by making your own baby shower invitations by either using your computer or by crafting them from construction paper, cardstock and other materials. For the crafty scrapbookers among you, you'll likely have plenty of cardstock on hand to create a sports-inspired invitation. That might mean an invite shaped like a football, baseball mitt, football helmet with favorite team colors, or a soccer ball. And I know that you scrapbookers will have stickers so just add a few to the inside of the cards and you'll be all set. Whatever shape you choose, just use some clever wording such as:

"It's an All Star Baby Shower! Come celebrate the newest member of the [mom's last name] team scheduled to arrive on [due date]."

all star baby shower invitations
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I also found a free shower template that is shown above here. Just fill in all of your shower details and follow the instructions to print these sporty invites.

Party Supplies & Decorations

Sports Themed Baby Party Supplies & Decorations

Decorating the room for a baby shower is fairly straight forward. Use various sports balls and equipment such as helmets, mitts, bats, etc throughout the area. You can hang foam sports fingers, team pennants, jerseys, streamers and ball-shaped baby shower balloons from the walls, tables, and ceilings.

For the buffet table, consider buying some of that fake green turf to use as the 'tablecloth' or buy a green vinyl tablecloth and use a white paint pen to create a lined football field on it.

Many stores sell football, baseball and soccer ball-shaped planters, serving bowls and trays to hold the food. In addition, I've seen some football helmets that are specifically made to hold dips for big parties such as Superbowl parties. They would be an excellent choice for this themed baby shower as well.

One of the most clever decorations that I've seen is a baby shower scoreboard that you can make yourself following the instructions from Plan the Perfect Baby Shower.

Another clever idea is to use a ball such as a new football or baseball on a stand as a substitute for a boring guest book. Have each of the guests sign the ball with a permanent marker and the ball can be displayed in the nursery after the shower. This is one keepsake that Mom & Dad will treasure for years to come!

And for the centerpiece, consider a sports-themed baby shower diaper cake that can do double-duty as your gift for the expectant Mom.

Sports Themed Shower Food Ideas

I don't know about you, but when I think about all the events that I've gone to, I think beer and pretzels for food. Of course, this may not be appropriate depending on the crowd. But chances are that you are throwing a sports theme baby shower where men will be invited too. If this is the case, then consider going with food that will bring them back to the ball game, hockey arena, football stadium, etc.

Sports Baby Shower Theme
Image by davidgordillo on Flickr

A barbecue with brats, hot dogs, burgers, and chips is about as American as baseball and apple pie so if your event can be held in the backyard, go for it! You can still serve this sort of food for an indoor shower, but it won't be quite the same.

A big tray of chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing and nachos slathered with cheese and chili are also great additions. And for the more healthy conscious among the guests, be sure to have a fruit and/or veggie tray with some dip.

Dessert for a sports-themed party is always pretty easy because you can buy ball picks for cupcakes or buy a ball-shaped cake pan to create a unique cake for the party. Round cookie cutters can be used to create ball shaped cookies, sandwiches or cheese slices for the party as well.

Cake Idea

Image Credit: Cakes We Bake
Image Credit: Cakes We Bake

The above image shows a cake made by Cakes We Bake, and it incorporates all the different sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, football, tennis, volleyball, etc. It's a good way to make sure all the sports are covered and not just dominated by one!

How To Make A Football Cake Video

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Game Ideas

What would a shower be without baby shower games? Here are some fun sports-inspired game ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Wii or Playstation Sports Tournament - If men are going to be at the shower, it is likely that one of them will have a video gaming system where you could set-up a sports tournament like boxing, football, baseball, bowling, etc. Give the overall champ a fun prize.

Famous Sports Trivia Game - This free printable game lists the names of 10 famous sports figures and you must name the sport for which they are known. The guest that gets the most answers correct wins the game.

Outdoor Football Toss - If you are having your party outdoors, hang some hula hoops from large tree branches and place a line where guests try to throw a football through the hula hoops. For every hoop they pass the ball through, they get a point. The guest with the most points wins the game.

Water Balloon Volleyball - Also great for outdoor parties, break the guests into teams of 2 with a team on each side of the net holding a beach towel (2 players hold the towel). Place a water balloon on the towel and that team must volley the balloon over the net to the other team who must catch it in their towel. Points are scored if a team doesn't make it over the net or if a team drops/pops the balloon.

Indoor or Outdoor Basketball - Set up one of those Fisher Price indoor basketball nets or use an existing outdoor basketball net/court. Break guests into teams of two having them shoot at a given distance for 60 seconds. The team that makes the most baskets in the 60 seconds wins the prize.

Sports Themed Baby Shower Favors

Sports Themed Baby Shower Favors

Check Out These Gumball Machine Favors!

Give your guests memorable little thank you gifts to show your appreciation for sharing in Mom's special day. In the above photo, you can see some of the fun gumball machines that are shaped like balls available on our website. In addition to these fun favors, you can also find sports themed lip balm, baby shower hand cream, and travel candle favors that feature personalized lid labels with the shower information. Many companies also carry themed candy wrappers including Amazon.

You can also do your own inexpensive baby shower favors by purchasing things like sports shaped soaps or candles or foil-covered chocolates and placing them in a cellophane bag. Tie the bag with a ribbon and add a personalized favor hang tag to create a custom look that your guests will love!

Sports Themed Gift Ideas

Sports Themed Baby Gift Ideas

Give the little star a fun gift!

I was out shopping for some baby gifts last weekend and found all kinds of cool sports themed stuff. So many boys clothes feature appliques like football, basketball, soccer, etc. They are simply adorable. In addition, I found plush items like baby's first baseball and football.

So many online retailers carry themed baby gifts as well including those shown in the photo - deluxe sport baby welcome wagon and the take me out to the ballgame hot dog gift set. Personalized football and baseball snuggle blankets that can be customized with any NFL or MLB team are also available online. Combine Dad's favorite sports team with the baby gift and you can be sure that your gift will be a home run or touchdown! Sports themed baby bibs, bath robes, and layette sets are easy to find too.

So enjoy shopping - you are sure to find something fun for the little sport!

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