Spring Gifts For The Garden Lover

Gardening gift basketIf you have a green thumb on your gift list, you’ll want to give them a garden gift that really suits their tastes. Gardeners are a special breed. They love working the earth and seeing the fruits of their labor. It’s not a chore, it’s a privilege for them to get out there and weed and keep their plants healthy and happy.

What can you gift a gardener with this spring that will make her really happy? How about a new sun hat? Gardeners need extra protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Because most gardeners love being out there under the sun’s rays, they don’t even realize they may be doing damage to their skin. Even slight exposure to the sun can cause damage. Gift her with a sun hat that has sunblocking properties. The fabrics and materials that are used in certain sun hats now qualify as sun protection extraordinaire. Check out various hats at garden stores and look online for stores that sell fabric hats that are treated with sunblock.

You could also create a gardening gift basket. Include that all-necessary sunblock, new gardening gloves in a pretty print, kneeling pads, a hoe or hand trowel, gardener’s hand lotion (Crabtree and Evelyn makes a lovely one) and a pretty water bottle. Wrap it all up in a garden trug or other basket that can be used to gather vegetables and fruit.

Many gardeners love to read almost as much as they love to garden. Give them a gift certificate to a book store along with a pretty garden themed coffee mug. Wrap it all up with a pretty ribbon and a little garden pin such as a ladybug or bee. Of course, this all makes for lovely Mother's Day gifts as well.

Gardeners can be picky about their plants. So, instead of going over with a bunch of plants, give them a gift certificate to their favorite nursery. They’ll have so much fun picking out the plants they love.

Ladies gardener giftsGive a gift of garden statuary or a gazing ball. Any ornament that would make their garden prettier will be appreciated. You might give a special garden bench with an inscription or paint it yourself with decorative details.

Garden clogs that can be sprayed clean with a hose are always welcomed as are mud boots. You might also give a gift of a gardening magazine that your friend doesn’t already subscribe to. Or you can extend her subscription by calling the company if she already subscribes.

Make up a gift basket of herbs so she can add to her herb garden. She might choose to grow them indoors or out. Keep it to a theme like Italian culinary herbs or tea herbs or calming herbs. Whatever your theme, make sure that all the herbs relate back to it. If it’s calming, you might also choose to add a lavender filled eye pillow or something soothing like an herbal candle.

Gardeners tend to spend more time on their plants than they do on themselves. So gift a gardener with a massage or a special manicure that can take the roughness off their hands. Anything pampering will be greatly appreciated after a hard day’s work in the garden.

Expert gardeners and dabblers alike will love getting a pretty present that you took the time to really plan out.

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