St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft Ideas

Leprechaun Toilet Paper Roll Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is a festival of Irish pride that takes place every March 17.  Parades, parties, and festivities are held all over the world, and green beer flows like a river (and some rivers flow green too!).  While there is a lot of alcohol-related revelry, there is no reason why children can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a kid-friendly and crafty way.  Here are some ideas for fun kids’ crafts that will help you celebrate the Irish in you, even if you’re not Irish.

St. Patrick’s Crafts for Young Children

Sometimes craft projects are too involved for very young children, or they simply take too long to complete.  Here are a few ideas for young child-friendly St. Patty’s Day projects.

Coloring pages.  If your child doesn’t eat crayons, he can color!  Set him up with some crayons, perhaps a newspaper on the table, and printable coloring pages.  If your child is interested in the computer, you can also find fun online coloring pages in which he can click and paint his way to a great picture – and no mess!

A rainbow is a great St. Patrick symbol, and your child can make one using his own two hands.  You will need rainbow colored construction paper and a pencil.  If you have a small child with a small attention span, trace his hand once.  You can then cut out a handprint in each of the rainbow colors.  You can modify this by having your child do the cutting with your supervision.  Then simply glue the hands together to make the rainbow.

Sugar cookies are a great treat for any holiday.  Get a shamrock cookie cutter, and have your child help you whip up a batch of St. Patrick's Day cookies.  You can then decorate them together with green sprinkles, green sugar, green icing, or green candies.  You can even use food coloring to make the cookies green!  This is great for older children as well, and can also make for great St. Patrick's Day gifts.

Crafts for Older Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo is a great activity and game for children with a longer attention span and ability to follow game rules.  You can find the templates here.  One has a blank Bingo sheet and the other has different St. Patrick’s Day-related pictures.  You can print the black and white version so your children can color the pictures.  From there, your child will cut out all the pictures and arrange them in the squares on the blank Bingo card.  Print an extra picture sheet, cut, and put them into a hat so you can choose them one at a time. You can use scraps of paper, coins, or beans to mark squares that are called.  Bingo!

The Wee Leprechaun craft (seen in the image above) is a great one for older children, and you can find a video for instructions on Disney’s FamilyFun site.

You will need:

  • Toilet paper tube
  • Green craft phone
  • Acrylic paints
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • 4 brown pipe cleaners
  • Decorative button.

To make:

Trace around the end of the toilet paper tube on a piece of green craft foam.  Around that circle, draw a 2 ½ inch circle.  Cut them both out to make the hat’s top and brim.  Set this aside, and start painting the tube green.  Use a skin tone to add a face and hands, and make sure to make some rosy red cheeks on your wee leprechaun.  Paint a band of brown hair around the back of the tube.  Wait for the paint to dry.

After, draw on your leprechaun’s facial and clothing features.  Coil 3 of the brown pipe cleaners and glue 2 in the back for hair and 1 around the face for a beard.  Fold the remaining pipe cleaner in half.  Coil and pinch the ends of this to make the leprechauns feet.  Put the pipe cleaner inside of the tube and glue the feet to the edge. Cut a 5 ½ x ½ inch strip of green craft foam for the arms and glue them in place.  Finally, it’s time for the hat.  Glue on the top and brim, and add a decorative button.  Watch the video and make this great, cute craft with your kids.

St. Patrick’s Day is full of fun, and kids will love all the green, shamrocks, leprechauns, and rainbows.  Get some basic supplies and let their imaginations go.

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