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Stork Themed Baby Shower Games

Published October 27, 2009        by Kim

Chances are that all of the guests at the baby shower you're hosting may not know each other - some may be friends of the mother-to-be, others will be family members and still others may be co-workers.  A great ice breaker for your shower is the "Name That Stork" game.  Have each guest introduce herself and then name a baby item that begins with the letter "S", then "T", "O", "R" and "K".

Another stork-themed twist on a classic game is Stork Bingo.  Create bingo cards with the letters STORK written across the top.  Ask each guest to fill in their bingo card with baby items that they new mother will need.  As mom opens her gifts, each guest can mark off any gift listed on her sheet.  The first one to "bingo" wins!

Incorporate take-home favors for each guest into your shower games by playing an easy quiz game. Give one of these personalized baby shower compact mirrors to each guest who gets a question correct.  Possible questions can include "When is baby's due date?", "What color are the father-to-be's eyes", or "How many siblings does the mother-to-be have?"  Stork baby shower favors can also be used in a purse scavenger hunt - the first guest to produce a specific item (like a pen, a credit card, baby picture, etc) from their purse wins a prize.

There are a number of generic baby shower games that work well with any theme.  Some can be modified to fit into your stork theme and others work well just as they are.  It's fun to have one or two games at your baby shower, but don't overdo it.  Remember that the focus should be on the mother-to-be and her upcoming miracle!

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