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Stork Themed Baby Shower

Published September 29, 2009        by Kim

Everyone knows where babies come from - the stork!  Incorporate a stork baby shower by announcing to your guests that a "special delivery" is on the way.  Storks can be portrayed as a girl or a boy, and can carry multiple bundles of joy, so it's easy to use a stork theme for expectant mothers that know (or don't know) the sex of the baby and mothers expecting more than 1.

To point guests in the right direction, erect an outdoor stork sign that announces "The Shower is Here!"  Greet guests with a pair of toy glasses like the stork wears, and see who can keep them on the longest (the one who wins gets a prize).  When sending out invitations, ask your guests to send you a photo of themselves as a baby, then tuck each photo into a baby "sack" that the stork carries in his beak.  Number the photos and pass them around for everyone to guess who the baby is - the person with the most correct answers wins!

Serve food at your stork-themed shower that can be wrapped in bundles or pouches - like cream cheese won tons, soft shell tacos, pita pocket sandwiches and fruit quesadillas.  Use a stork baby boy diaper cake as your table centerpiece and serve your guests on stork themed tableware.

After the shower, your guest of honor will need to send thank you cards to everyone who attended.  Help her out by providing stork themed thank you cards.  Some shower hosts will even have guests list their address in a guest book so the new mom has all the information she needs at her fingertips!

For more ideas, try this article on hosting a Stork Themed Baby Shower.

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