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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

Published July 11, 2012        by Sarah

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Guest Signing PillowIf you have a young lady in your life who is turning Sweet 16, you’ll want to give her the sweetest birthday party ever. Center it around her favorite color and then go wild with the theme of the number 16 and that color. That’s your whole party right there. All you have to do is add little touches.

Set the date based on your child’s birthday, of course, but check first to see if there are any school dances or parties that are already scheduled for that date. The last thing you want is for her friends to be double booked for the day.

Have the party at home or rent a place out. You can rent a location in your area like a local museum or a castle or a skating rink. Most web sites can offer you information on party rentals at these venues. What is the birthday girl really into? Does she love music or Wii games? Try to center the party around something she really likes.

Image by Slipshod Photog on FlickrYour Sweet 16 party can center around colors and pretty representations of the number 16. Create big cut outs of a 16 and decorate it with glue and glitter. Make big sweeping fabric displays in silk of the color she loves. A pink and purple party works well. Choose a second color that blends well with her favorite and then bring in sweet 16 tableware including napkins, tablecloth, dishes, silverware, and cups in coordinating colors.

Put your guest list together. If you’re planning a surprise, be sure to consult your daughter’s friends. They’ll know who should be on and excluded from the guest list. You might want to have a separate party for relatives so your daughter doesn’t feel she has to try to entertain the relatives and her friends at the same time.

Sweet 16 decorations are plenty online. And don't forget the sweet 16 favors to send home with her guests. Local party shops will also have lots to choose from. Send girls home with mini nail polishes and nail kits or have M&Ms made with the birthday girl’s photo on them.

Zebra Print Lip BalmMake the food at your party fun and easily edible. Nothing sit-down or too heavy. Have pizzas delivered or make homemade pizza yourself. Your child can suggest what the group’s favorite foods are. Have chicken nuggets, ice cream, or fish sticks. Whatever they like best is what you should serve. Don’t worry if it’s not a balanced meal. It’s a Sweet 16 party! Go with sweets like heart-shaped chocolates or sweetheart candies like you find on Valentine’s Day. They are available all year online.

Make your daughter a special birthday chair. Wrap it in pink streamers and float balloons. Give her a crown to wear and sprinkle confetti and glitter on the table. Have lots of fun baubles like fake jewels from the craft store in hurricane vases to suggest a glamorous display.

The sweeter, the better at a Sweet 16 party. If you are inviting both boys and girls, be sure to have lots of music for them to dance to and extra food for hungry adolescent boys. Don’t feel you have to entertain them as much and just provide food, drinks, and a few decorations. They’ll entertain themselves with chatter and dancing.

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