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Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Published July 13, 2015        by Matt

Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Making it a Special Day

Birthdays are always the highlight of a child's year. They look forward to them, they get excited for them, and it's fun to do all the planning and get ready for the big day. On top of that, is there really anything more fun than planning a Sweet 16 party?

What a lovely time in a young lady's life! You can really create a fantasy party for your daughter by planning a theme and carrying it throughout the day. Here are a few sweet sixteen party ideas to get you started.

Image courtesy of Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake

sweet 16 tableware 600x374 Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Pretty in Pink

Pink here, Pink there...

If your daughter loves pink, this is a safe way to go. You can include countless sweet 16 decorations including tablecloths, napkins, balloons, flowers, favors and more in various shades of pink, but to avoid pink overload, select a second color to balance out the theme.

sweet sixteen birthday bouquet

Pink and white are always a good combo. Pink and purple, pink and brown, or pink and aqua also work well. Ultimately, it may be best to simply ask your daughter what she'd like to see, and then you can carry out the pink theme in the cake and other decor throughout the party.

It won't be hard to find pink sweet 16 party favors or items, just use your imagination and don't be afraid to add some glitter and sparkles.

Pink Sweet 16 Cookie Assortment

Yummy Treats for Her Sweet 16

You can extend the "everything pink" rule and even make your food pink! This pink sweet 16 cookie bouquet was made by All About Gifts and Baskets, you can order these online or you can make your own pink cupcakes, birthday cake or pink punch. Use your offset color for straws, silverware, or other simple items if you're worried about overdoing it. These also make for great birthday gifts in case you're short on ideas!

luau theme Sweet 16 Party Theme IdeasLuau

Party Like Hawaii

If you're fortunate to have a summer birthday to work with, have an outdoor luau. If not, you can also add a splash to the doldrums of winter with an indoor luau. For luau apparel, everyone can wear grass skirts over their clothes, shorts, and leis. Have plastic palm trees, coconuts, surfboards and pineapples on hand.

You can also carry the theme into the food. Roast a pig if you're adventurous, or just set up a tiki bar with teen friendly appetizers and drinks. You can add cutouts of sharks and other sea life and have a volcano cake. Offer beach wedding favors in light of the theme. People will never know that they were meant for a wedding, and they'll suit your theme perfectly!

Luau Party Tips - Sweet Sixteen Style

Alice (or Katie or Brooke) in Wonderland

Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

A Storytale Adventure

Create your own magical wonderland for the Alice in your life. Every girl loves the magic of Alice in Wonderland. Create a mood with backdrops of woods available on line or make them with the help of her friends on the sly.

Image by Raymond Brown on Flickr

Send out oversized playing card invitations. Offer playing cards as both accents and favors and have white rabbit chocolates on hand. Cheshire cat can appear in balloon form or have him be the guest of honor on the cake.

Provide wigs for the girls so they can take a turn at being Alice. Provide other fun props like the Hatters hat, a pocket watch, twin costumes a la Tweedle Dee and Dum. String lights and use mirrors and silver material to give the feel of another world. Have the movie on hand to play in the background and leave out copies of the Lewis Carroll book.

A Night Under the Stars

sweet 16 princess 400x600 Sweet 16 Party Theme IdeasShoot for the Moon

If you want to have a night party, why not use stars as the theme? You can use black and silver or silver and gold as your theme colors. Use incandescent lights and candles. If you can have it outdoors, even better. But even if you're indoors, you can still light up the night. Choose star silver favors and cut foods into star shapes. Create a star-shaped archway out of silver balloons.

Princess for a Day

Pretty, Pretty Princesses

Use Cinderella themed items to the max. Order or make cutouts of a carriage, provide glass slipper favors, have a Cinderella cake. Include other props like magic wands, sparkly confetti, lots of tulle to drape the tables, and get a princess costume or dress for your daughter. If she won't wear it, why not wear it yourself? The guests will love it.



Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

Spa Party

Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Relax & Kick Back

You could choose to actually have your party at a spa with several of your daughter's friends, but you can also create the magic of an at-home spa. Hire manicurists (or friends with the talent) to come in and give everyone manicures and pedicures. Provide robes and slippers for everyone to change into or ask them on the invitation to bring their own.

Image by Neeta Lind on Flickr

Provide the materials for facials and help the girls do theirs. If you want to go all out, hire a masseuse and provide massages for the guests. Light candles, play soothing background music, and serve healthy spa foods and bottled water to complete the mood. Make cupcakes decorated with cucumbers (icing or real) to look like cucumber eye treatments. You could even opt to send them all home with a spa gift basket, for pampering at a later date.

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