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Was Lost, Now Found - A Cherished Gift

Published July 23, 2007        by Matt

While playing a little basketball with family and friends, I became tangled with another player and soon discovered that one of my most prized possessions had gone missing. Massaging my left ear, I called a time out, hoping to locate a Valentine's Day gift that helped me cope with a disturbing, painful event in my life. Taking baby steps over every inch of the court, we began to survey the area where my gift may have fallen. I felt my heart grow heavy as the marbled concrete gave me a headache, as well as deflated my hopes of ever recovering my gift. To make matters worse, the ground was pierced with a rippled crack, where if anything fell into this abyss, it was quite unlikely you would be able to recoup your loss. Seconds turned into minutes, which felt like hours. My heart raced as time Read more