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Looking Ahead

Published October 26, 2007        by Nicole

As the children get beyond the baby stage, past their baby blankets and cooing, new difficulties can appear. "I think one problem for the older mother is that you hit your real mid-life crisis at the same time as motherhood, and this tends to intensify everything. If you are 25 when you have a baby, you can think you'll get into a career when they start school and so on; you have all your life before you. When you have your children, as I did, at 39 and 41, they start school when you're 45. What have you done with your life? Can you stand the strain of motherhood and work? Are you too old to get back into your career? In a few years you're coping with menopause, with a host of emotional reactions, and you've still got to be a mother meeting the demands of very young children." "Having Read more