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Tag: chistmas traditions

The Spirit of Christmas

Published January 14, 2008        by Nicole

Well boys, with Christmas just a few gunshots ahead, I figger as hov this is a good time to forget all about our troubles over the cull and price of fish and all the other tormenting things in a fisherman's life and talk about something pleasant that we all believe in - Christmas.  But it's not enough to say that we folks in Pigeon Inlet believe in the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus, St. Nick, or whatever you mind to call it. Like Skipper Joe Irwin said to me the other day: "Mose," he said. "the spirit of Christmas is like the Sou'west wind. We don't haw to believe in it, because we know it's there. It's true we don't actually see the Christmas spirit or Santa Claus (as the youngsters call him) but neither do we see the Sou'west wind. But we know when the Sou'wester is there because we Read more